Friday, August 29, 2008

Senator McCain, I am not stupid

Dear John McCain

As I come down off my high fueled by my nominee's brilliant acceptance speech last night, I have to deal with being slapped in the face by you and your "strategic pick" of Palin as VP. I would just like to let you know how and why you have just made the biggest and most costly mistake of your poorly ran campaign.

Let me begin by asking you why you chose a woman, Senator? Was it out of respect? Admiration? A sincere passion to elect a woman into the White House?

Maybe your answer is yes to all of the above. But background checking and past actions of your disgusting misogynistic ways including an overall disregard of women's rights raise red flags all over the place for me, Senator.

Palin is not your gleam of hope for equality between women and men. She is not proof of your inherent desire to grant a woman power. Palin is not your testimony to what you bbelieve women CAN do. She is your shiny new token that you will now manipulate to cash in votes from what you still view as the weaker sex.

And I am disgusted by this. I am outraged by you. I am completely turned off to your entire platform (not as if I wasn't already), but now, Senator, it is personal. While I may have failed to see eye to eye with many Hillary supporters during the primaries, I am still a WOMAN and i refuse to sit back and tolerate you milking my counterparts dry who are still undecided between you and Barack. You are not an option. And your V.P pick does not dust you off and make you more appealing. While Palin may very well be intelligent and experienced...well one out of two isn't bad. So even though she may be intelligent, she is not enough. She can not erase your many mistakes or make up for your disasterous plans for our country. And WE will not be blinded by your pandering.

No way. No how. NO MCCAIN/PALIN.