Friday, February 29, 2008

So who won the Oscar, Obama or Clinton??

"Nothing puts a smile on the lips or a lift in the footsteps of reporters and pundits like a story brimming with big names, powerful people, Hollywood glitter and some major feuding," Clarence Page [ Syndicated Columnist ]

Exactly. This 08 primary election cycle has been more dramatic than ANYthing u can find on Lifetime. So who would take the cake in a Oscar Category for Most Dramatic Candidate?

Key Questions to ponder:

*Who has done the most whining?
*Who has done the most yelling?
*Who has done the most subtle lying? (lol)
*Who has given the cameras their most "classic" shots?

Judge for yourself

No words in the English dictionary can properly explain this look.

Ohhhhh the drama

Dr Seuss???...Is that you?

I call this one his "To Kill A Mockingbird" look. Kinda reminds me of a black Atticus Finch. lol.

Damn! That bad huh??

Really Barack?? Woww. Feelin yourself a lil, huh?

"Heyyy how did THAT get down there!??"

What the f&^* ?? Okay, so i'm not tryin to be biased but there aren't that many bad pics of Obama out there. Obviously. Which is why people feel the need to do bad photoshop jobs.

Okay so i don't condone calling the woman a bitch so please forget the caption, but LOOK at that little girls face!!!!! lmaooooooo

So he's been a ham since birth.

HOLD UP now! U betta work it girl! lol (seriously tho)

"If you even THINK about seating those Florida delegates...." caption needed

Oooo deep, Barack, deep. He's summoning his inner Denzel

"I thought I told u to sit yo ass down"

A little pillow talk later??? (eww)

LMFAOOO (omg i can't breathe!)

The 'N' Word in Politics....

"So maybe the H-word is more like the N-word: you can say it, but only if you are an initiate. Blacks can use the N-word; Obama supporters can use the H-word."- NATHAN THORNBURGH (TIME Reporter)

Oh yea....I'm all over this one.

~Key Questions to pose:

*When did the African-American race admit to embracing the 'N' word? (maybe I missed the memo)

*Who made 'Hussein' so taboo? and for WHAT?

*Is this guy really trying to make me swallow this garbage?

*An "Initiate"? As in the 1st to use/or propose it? Ummm....I'm all confused here.

Now, to begin, allow me to pardon myself for any harsh offenses anyone might take from this (my first:-) post. I am a democrat and i love my political party as much as the next democrat BUT i'm a little tired of the dramatics of this entire Democratic Nominee free-for-all. And when I see things in the media such as the above hogwash, I get even more antsy for it all to just be OVER. I feel like picketing or something.

"HELL NO WE WONT GO for 3 more months of this damn race when OBVIOUSLY the people have spoken and SOMEONE needs to bow out gracefully"

That's what my large banner would say. Hey I'm a bay-area girl. Close to Berkeley. U know we love to protest. yea. Onto the questions I posed. So this reporter guy, Thornburgh, has suggested that Barack's middle name (Hussein, for those of you who might live at the bottom of the sea) is equally 'off-limits' to some as the 'N' word is. (I hate that term by the way. What am I, 4 ? The 'F' word. The'B' word. The 'N' word. Blah.) If Thornburgh was sitting in front of me right now, first I'd dare him to say that dreadful, awful 'N' word to me (just to watch him sweat), then I'd give him my own personal dose of a reality check. And it goes a little sumthin like this:

Senator Obama's middle name is just that, a name. Given to him at birth by a young and no doubt heavily sedated mother who probably thought the name had a certain ummph to it. (i won't question her judgment here ONLY because she's not around to answer it, God rest her soul) Barack did not grow up and adopt the name for his devious alter-ego who preys on white women and the rest of America's "precious goods". He did not ask for it. He did not hope, wish and pray for Saddam Hussein's namesake because he thought he was a really cool guy. The name just HAPPENED. And while he was innocently teased about it throughout his childhood, unfortunately in his adult public life, it's biting a healthy chunk out of his ass.

Now let's look at the 'N' word. God, I can't do it any more. (DISCLAIMER:to all the sensitive self-righteous people, look away from your screen cuz i'm about to let it rip) Let's examine the word Nigger. The 1st documented use of nigger in its current form was during the Revolutionary War. A long ass time ago. And it has stood the test of time as being one of the most vile, vindictive, evil and degrading words forced upon the black race in attempts to "keep em in their place" and impose feelings of inferiority. WE did not "initiate" the use of the term. WE did not say yessir, please trash my name given to me at birth and call me Nigger cuz that's what I is! In recent years, certain subcultures of our society have remixed the word, dropped the -er, threw in the letter -a and BAM!!! it's a term of endearment. *yawn* Miss me with that one because I will NEVER refer to myself or anyone else, friend or foe, as a nigga, nigger, niggo, niggy, niggette, or any other variation. For myself, the word is still a granade waiting to go off, it still symbolizes the despicable nature of human society at its worse and it still undercuts the growth blacks have made in EVERY aspect.

So, going back to Senator Obama's middle name and attempting to compare it to Nigger....ummm [ trying really hard here].... not seeing equal playing fields in the slightest. That knocks out Thornburgh's point that the 2 words may equally evoke as much anger, resentment and need for defense. I dont buy it. It could be giftwrapped, lined with 20 dollar bills and on clearance at Macy's and i still wouldn't buy it.

Who what when where and why is Barack's middle name on trial? And who what when where and why did reporter guy Thornburgh think it was relevant to compare & contrast the man's name to a racial slur? WHY you ask? Because he's a journalist. The media gets an A+++ for finding the pettiest, most ludicrous, marginal points of interest for the world to ignorantly salivate over. Yes, i blame us, the people, as well. Because if we all had enough common sense, we would sit back and think u know what, the guy didn't name himself and if he doesn't have a problem with his name, why the hell should I? I mean, some of us are walking around with some God-awful names ourselves and dont have to go through public crucifixion. I just find it sad that amid an election which will hopefully appoint someone who has the opportunity to re-route the road to hell that the U.S. is travelling on right now.... all media, republicans and other gullible losers have to do with their spare time is pick apart a NAME. Lord help this country cuz they all need to GET A LIFE & a hobby and move on.

[ I reserve the right to my own opinions, verbage, slants, biases and feelings because...well, I wrote it! ]