Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do you know what tomorrow is?

It's my @nniv3rsary!! :-)

April 1, 2005 marked the beginning of the (prepare for a run-on sentence) happiest, most beautiful, emotional, thought-provoking, life-altering, challenging, eye opening, passionate, gratifying time of my life. I never [ever] thought a relationship could be so... FULL. Odd choice of words, I know, but those in such a relationship will know exactly what I mean.

I have found myself in all sorts of ways over the past four years. Laughing uncontrollably, crying like a baby, yelling & arguing, kissing & making up:-), planning our future, enjoying our present, analyzing our past. My brain has been at full speed since i met the love of my lyfe and my heart is nowhere to be found, seeing as how its tucked away somewhere in her pocket. I've learned more things about myself since i've met her, both good & bad, than I have in all of my 25 (soon to be 26 ahhh!) years of living. I thought I knew myself before April 2005... but I had nooo idea. And to have someone who has put up with ALL that comes along with me [temper, bad mouth, dont know when to shut the hell up, sneaky, a tad bit divaish, crybaby, etc.] and gave me the inspiration to begin my journey of truly finding myself, I feel like i owe her the world. But the beautiful thing about her is that she still feels as if she's the lucky one...

Tomorrow we celebrate four years of a love that has been pushed way past what we thought were it's limits, but thankfully it snapped right back into place and continues to bind us closer together now than ever before. And i can't imagine being anywhere else.

Baby, i love you with everything in me and words will never express how I feel about you and us. Just know that you have me. In the way that you have wanted me since April 1st, 2005...you have me.

"If we could look outside the box of what we think we want, we can be found by what we truly need"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday in a flash

* I have an interview for a scholarship tomorrow morning. YAY! They'll be judging me on my demonstration of financial need (should be easy cuz i'm broke), my academic performance (should be easy cuz i'm a straight A'er) and my overall ability to connect (should be easy cuz im a 1st class bullshitt3r). With all that said... i'm nervous outta my mind and i need all the good vibes packed tightly around me tomorrow cuz Lord knows this $$$ is very necessary!!!

* I'm at work alone today cuz every one else seems to have the time and the cash to go on 5-day vacations. Ehh. Oh well. I like having the office to myself. Gives me the chance to do NADA ;-)

* My brother will be in concert on Sunday and i'm a little excited. Kinda disenchanted with him at the moment, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he can sing his ass off. So yeah, i'm a fan.

* My 4 year anniversary is coming up with the love of my lyfe on April 1st and now is about that time when i start looking back on where I was in life 4 yrs ago, before we got together. Whew. Thank God for microscopic and massive miracles.

* I wanna go see The Haunting in Connecticut. I kno it'll probably be lame as hell but hey, horror flicks and corny go hand in hand nowadays.

* Spring break is around the corner. Yayyyyyyyy! Santa Cruz & Monterey here we come ;-)

*I miss my Godson and his mommy aka my best friend.

* I'm hungry and i want some taco bell.

* Im sleepy and i want my bed.

* Im so happy & thankful for my 22 Readers & here's to a peaceful but fun weekend :-)

* Im now done with this post and that's my Friday in a flash.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~My Favorite Things 2009~

Oprah does her favorite things, so I wanna do mine. Wish I could give one of everything away to everyone in the audience but ummm...not this time around. Maybe by Chanel's Favorite Things 2015, after a few NY Times best sellers;-)

Favorite car: Realistically speaking= a black Nissan Altima or a carmine red Dodge Intrepid Fantasy pick= Black Phantom with steel gray leather interior and a black marble dash board.

Favorite perfume: Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist

Favorite cologne: Jean Paul Gautier

Favorite cell phone: iPhone, even though I don't have one and can't get one cuz i have T-mobile instead of AT&T.

Favorite game system: Wii

Favorite book: Sula by Toni Morrison

Favorite classic CD: The Velvet Rope, Janet Jackson

Favorite newbie CD: Just Like You, Keyshia Cole

Favorite downloaded track: Turnin Me On, Keri Hilson

Favorite lip gloss: Rimmel Eastend Snob

Favorite hair product: Aphogee 2-step Keratin Reconstructor and my Organix Coconut Milk shampoo

Favorite old school DVD: Poetic Justice

Favorite newbie DVD: Dreamgirls

Favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked

Favorite beverage: Snapple Pink Lemonade

Favorite purse designer: Louis V

Favorite chocolate: Ghiradelli milk chocolate with caramel

Favorite non-chocolate candy: Sour patch kids

Favorite fruit: Strawberries

Favorite hand soap: Bath & Body Works Vanilla Sugar foaming hand soap

Favorite body soap: Dove moisturizing cocoa butter bar

Favorite appetizer: Mozzarella sticks

Favorite electronic device: Toshiba notebook in metallic baby blue

Favorite moisturizer: Vaseline in creamy lotion form

There are many many more, but my brain is tired. lol. Do we have anything in common?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Love never hurts? Uhhh...I dont know about that

So the almighty Ms. Oprah Winfrey threw her 32 cents in on the the whole Chris Brown/Rhianna fiasco and her bottom line message is that Love does not hurt. Lover never hurts. If love ever hurts, then it's not love and you need to run.

I agree with her to a certain extent. I believe that love should not be an ongoing painful experience that never ends and makes life miserable. That's not love. That's bullshit and drama. But if Ms. Winfrey expects to me to believe that for all of the years that her and Steadman have been doing the do, that they have never hurt each other....she's a damn lie. The feeling of love that you have for someone should not hurt. But at times, relationships hurt like a b*tch. It's natural. Feelings get hurt, pride is bruised, bubbles are burst, miscommunications occur,tears are shed, shit happens. If it's happening every week, then your relationship is probably dysfunctional and you might need to hang it up. But all healthy couples go through it every once and awhile. It's a natural cycle called life and love and it's what makes you appreciate all of the beautiful/sunshiny/floating on cloud 9 times.

So Ms. Winfrey, I get what you were trying to say. Love should not hurt as far as someone busting you in the eye and biting a chunk out of your shoulder. Love should not hurt as far as emotional abuse. But please don't have people believing that being in love will be a fairy tale experience 24/7/365 cuz Lord knows, that ain't the case.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My new toy:-)

I got my Pink Nintendo DS!

Courtesy of the love of my lyfe. THANK YOU so much!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hair, music, and sex :-)

*Seriously, how random can one get? [ very ]

Haven't posted in a few days. I've been over here dying from some kind of wierd sickness/flu thing for the past week that i'm blaming my girlfriend for cuz as I was busy playing Nurse Betty for her sick self, some of her stray germs made themselves a lil too comfortable. I stayed home from work all week last week, except Friday cuz I was coughing up my lungs and a few other things. (bleh) Anywho, i'm feelin better now minus this annoying cough i can't shake. I'm at work...not working, so what else is there for me to do besides blog?

So let's see here. I'm trying something new with my hair. I call it the "Diva A La Michelle" look. You know Michelle Obama's blow outs have been on point lately. She went from the Condoleeza Rice helmet hair that never moved an inch, to her free flowing blowin in the DC wind tresses that i love. I purchased a velcro roller set (Gotta love Sally's) and i'm tryin to keep as much heat out of my head as possible. Cuz I was waking up and frying the hell outta my hair every single morning with my flat iron and my big barrel curling iron & I started noticing a lot of broken off strands in my sink, on the floor and in my brush. A LOT. So me being me, I panicked "OH my god i'm balding!" Lol. Far from it. But still, I kno i gotta reduce the heat and increase the moisture retention. So this style is very protective & quick to take down in the morning with no heat! Woo hoo. The only downside is I can't sleep with all these damn things in my head at night. It'll take some getting use to, I guess. Grrrrrr I need some sleep! [ Politely overlook the growling. Im sleep deprived ]

Ooo I found a new favorite song. So Good by Electrik Red.
That's my shit rite there. I was watching LOGO and their video came on and I was like Oh lord, another girl group bound to be broke busted and disgusted before the 2nd album. But surprisingly, the song was so catchy I Itunes'd it. I hope they stick around for awhile. They're kinda cute too. That never hurts ;-)

Random Question: Are people havin better sex in 2009 than they were having in 08? I just wanna know. That should be like a census question or something. Does the suck ass economy take a toll on people in the bedroom? If you're like me, and the more stress you're under the freakier you get (lol), then everyone should be having some really really REALLY good sessions.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh lord

So California's budget is ass hole deep in doo doo. The education sector seems to be choking on it right now as numerous teachers, counselors, vice prinicipals and in drastic cases, even principals are deemed expendable and handed a pink slip. Unemployment is at its highest and to save a penny, more jobs are being shelved as people are being thrown under busses and told to pack their shit and go join the 1000's of desperate people looking for work in the unemployment line.

Guess where I work?

At the damn school district office.

Guess what just happened?

One of our guidance counselors was just laid off and he didn't take it too kindly. Actually, he overturned a desk, threw some stuff and proceeded to curse a bunch of people out.

Im told he's heading our way next.

My day is about to get very interesting.

My nerves are too bad for this shit.

Friday, March 6, 2009

WTF did M.I.A name her baby?!



Now i'm all for being unique, staying a head of the curve, following your own path, and making your own rules. But I draw a line at naming your baby something that sounds like a cross between a creature from Star Wars and a character out of the Harry Potter books.

What in the hell is an Ickett?
$20 to the person who gives me the best definition.

*Disclaimer: the above mentioned 20 dollars will be in E-form. As in E-ventually you might wander upon 20 bucks one day and you can be like damn! Chanel musta left this here 20 dollars for me for that great definition of an Ickett I gave her :-)

The 2 most powerful women in the world

Gotta love and respect it. The FIRST (and probably the last) time Oprah shared the cover with someone besides herself (remember the split cover with her as a skinny minnie and her now, a little um... fluffier) This magazine cover is the best. I love it. And it will mark the 1st time I buy one of O's mags. Not sayin nuthin bad about the magazine. It's just expensive as hell! I'm jus sayin tho...
Anyway, don't you love how sista girl friendly they look all while maintaining an air of class and intelligence about them? I know their convos be on point. I want in.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blame it on the alcohol

* i luv the song. luv the video. luv jamie. luv alcohol. *

but i digress...

Today I feel like ranting a little. I know, i do this damn near every day anyway, but today feels a little special, so I decided to let you know that i'm in a rant mood before I actually start poppin off at the mouth. Consider yourself lucky and warned.

Good girl gone retarded
I will no longer mention her by name cuz i'm just a little too through with her antics over the past few weeks. But yall kno who i'm referring to. Lil girl with the umbrella and the cute haircut with the large forehead area. Yeah, her. She's a mess. From beginning to end. She is a hot funky mess and the fact that she's taking Mike Tyson jr. back and testifying FOR him instead of against his head bustin ass has rubbed me the wrong way. Now i got to go through my ipod and delete every song of his and hers (not that there were many) cuz i just don't want anything to do in support of the retardation of our younger generation of women. So done.

Beyonce overkill
It's time bey. It's time. Everyting has a shelf life. Yours expired somewhere around 2007. I love you. I think you're fly. A little slow on the draw when you're doing speaking engagements, but when you're on stage, yea you do the damn thing. But girl, i'm tired of seeing your face every time I turn my tv on or look at a magazine. I feel like you're stalking me. Everywhere I turn, bam! Beyonce this, Beyonce that. lawd. Enough is enough. Just give me one year without seeing you or anything associated with you, including those dresses atrocities from the House of Dereoff.

The Stanky Leg
The Stanky Leg has got to be the dumbest song and dance i've heard in a while and it makes me itch when it comes on. It's making me itch now. So i'll stop talking about it.

Soulja Boy Tell Em
I don't get it. Is that his whole name? Is Tell Em his last name? What the hell is he trying to tell me? I haven't gotten the message yet. But I have something to tell him. That new song, turn my swag onnnnnnnn or wutever it is. FAIL. Royally FAIL. The fact that he chose to sing the entire song in that off pitch note that I assumed only Ashanti knew how to hit...makes my ears burn and my eyes water. Is that the response u were going for Mr. i don't know what to tell em?

Christina Milian...is that you?
She looks like a 2 dollar porn star from the 80's. I don't know if its the bleach blonde hair or the candy red lips that look like they've been inflated with wax and helium. It's just unforgivable. If that's what she meant by dip it low, she needs to pick it back up.

Cal State University, East Bay
This is a personal rant because this damn school has pissed me off to the nth degree. Yes the nth. If I send you my application and all the required paperwork/transcripts it's because I feel as if your campus deserves a student of my caliber. It's because I feel as if you have something to offer me as well, therefore it'll be an even exchange. You give me my degree and i'll fill a young educated black girl quota for you. So why are u fuckin with me? You lost my transcripts that cost me well over 40 bucks to have rushed to you. You lost my residence questoinnaire that I shouldn't have even had to fill out in the first place since I was BORN and RAISED here in California you idiots. And now my entire application has been put on hold because of your incompetence. I want my 50 dollar app fee back so I can apply it to securing my spot at Mills college, which is where I really wanna be anyway.

American Intercontinental University
You suck ass so bad, it's not even funny. You need your accreditation revoked yesterday for the drama you cause your past, present and future students. Disclaimer: DON'T ENROLL AT THIS SCHOOL. It's a rip off and they'll screw you over for money and wont wanna do jack boo boo squat in return. I never went there but someone close to me has and is going through hell with them and I swear, i'm this [ ] close to paying the campus a personal visit.

This woman who keeps comin in and out of my office
as if she's not letting the heat out and bringing in the 40 degree rain and wind behind her... go on somewhere dammit. I don't have any extra tutoring for your 12 yr old daughter. She's been through 8 different programs and still can't add 3 + 1. She's used up all the money we can offer her. What do u want me to do? Damn.

Ok. That's it. Im through. Tomorrow is Friday. Yay.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celebrating the fabulosity of women

In honor of their 70th year in publication, Glamour magazine did a spread of young celebs paying homage by dressing up as the women who have paved the way before them in music, style and overall pushing the limits toward shattering that damn glass ceiling we heard so much about in 2008. I love [most] of these shots.

Lindsay Lohan as Madge kinda works for me. Madonna was a mess back then, Lindsay is a mess now. The two have met in the middle and made a match in trainwreck heaven.Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama. Okay. I'm on the fence with this one. I love Alicia and of course I love Mrs. Obama. And I love that the two women love each other. lol. I just don't know if this shot captures the essence of our First lady. I dont know. Ya'll tell me whether or not i'm trippin.Alexis Bledel (you know the greek chick from sisterhood of the travelling pants) as Rosie the Riveter. LOVE this picture. Its great and she looks just like Rosie! lol. If I were her I would blow this up hella big and put it on my wall in my house somewhere close to the front door so people would have to see it as soon as they came in. lol.Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn. Ehhh. Kinda blah. I use to be so fascinated with the Hepburn sisters and Breakfast at Tiffany's is my all time fave classic movie (next to Casablanca & Gone With the Wind) This pic doesnt come close to Audrey's beauty and grace. I love Emma's shoes tho.Hayden Panetierre as Amelia Earhart. Like it, don't love it. But liking it is better than hating it.Paula Patton as Billie "Lady Day" Holiday. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I would blow this one up too. Wall size. Take up a whole side of the house :-) She really embraces Billie's sultry fierceness.Chanel Iman as tennis legend Althea Gibson. This shot reminds of a Next Top Model challenge. lol. I like it. Chanel Iman has been doing her thing lately. Gotta love her name. A whole bunch of people i've never heard of (except for Rumor Willis) as the women of woodstock. Works for me. They all look like a bunch of marijuana lovin hippies. Wooo hooo!
Camilla Belle as Mary Tyler Moore. I use to stay up every night to watch episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore show on Nick at Nite. They need to bring the show back cuz I dont know what the hell they air now. This pic is cool. Not as spunky as MTM woulda done it, but it will do.
America Ferrera as Dolores Huerta. YES! Love it. America looks resolved and ready to passionately fight for the rights of migrant farm workers.
Emma Stone as Carrie Bradshaw. Now y'all know that i'm aspiring to be the black Carrie Bradshaw right? If all I have to do in the world is write, shop, go to parties, eat with friends, write some more and then shop some more after that....i'm all over it. Love this shot. Very Sex and the Cityish. Elisha Cuthbert as Pro Soccer diva Brandi Chastain. Amazing shot. Elisha looks like she actually knows something about soccer.Which one is your favorite?? Mine is Paula as Billie Holiday, hands down.

Conversations in my head. Round 5

ring ring

Operator: Foreign embassy of Barbados. How may I direct your call?

Me: Hi um, i'm trying to locate a lost item.

Operator: Okay. Are you a traveller? Here on vacation or business?

Me: No. Neither. Never been to Barbados. i plan on it though.

Operator: Okay. So you haven't lost anything here?

Me: Oh no not me. I haven't lost anything. But i'm looking for something that was lost and i'm thinking it might still be in Barbados somewhere.

Operator: Ma'am i'm a little confused.

Me: Me too.

Operator: So you haven't been here, but you lost something?

Me: i told you it's not me who lost it!

Operator: Then why are you looking for it?

Me: Cuz somebody has too! No one else is on the hunt for it. It's very important that we all work together to find this item cuz some serious shit is goin down and i'm tellin you, it's not gonna be pretty.

Operator: Ok ma'am. This sounds like it might be out of my league. Have you contacted the police?

Me: Hell to the no. For what? They aren't playing a very productive role in this whole investigation. It's like no one cares. So i thought I would call Barabdos. Maybe someone there would actually have heart enough to figure this situation out and make it right.

Operator: Okay...

Me: Okay...so are you gonna help me find it?

Operator: Uh..what exactly are we looking for?

Me: Rhianna's damn mind. It's lost sir. So far gone I'm not even sure she came out the coochie with one. We gotta find it and quick.

Operator: is this a joke?

Me: That's what i've been wondering!!! But obviously its not cuz one week she gettin busted upside her head, and the next week her assaulter is galavanting around on a jet ski doing heel kicks and shit as if he didn't just pound his girl in her face. And Rhianna over there cupcakin with her abuser on one side and Diddy on the other as if he's a relationship role model to run to. So you tell me, is this a joke?

Operator: Okay, I think i'm done here.

Me: Me too. Hell. To each her own. If she wants a little fake ass r & b thug, she got one. Im just sayin though. If u find half of a mind wanderin around somewhere out there. You know who it belongs to. Ok? thanks, bye.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I couldn't give 2 shits less about Chris & Rhianna

I'm sure everyone has heard the talk about Ike and Tina shacking up at Diddy's house last week, and now today they're back in LA, staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Waiting around for Chris' trial on Thursday. The questions everyone seems to be asking is WHY are they even together? Why are they not on opposite sides of the earth? Why hasn't Chris given a genuine apology yet? And why hasn't Rhianna gotten some of her cousins from the islands to beat his ass?

Simple answer: Rhianna doesn't give a shit. And if she doesn't care enough to leave him alone, then I for damn sure don't. Maybe the dick is that good. Maybe he sings her to sleep at night. Maybe she feels as if this is true love and she can't do any better even though she's a gorgeous, rich, young celebrity. Maybe she has no self-esteem at all. Maybe she feels as if she deserved to be hit and left on the side of the road, for one reason or another. We'll never know what her thought process is so i'm over it. So I wish the young couple happiness in their future together that they seem intent on working on. Hopefully he'll work consistently on his righthook and if he ever punches her upside her head again, maybe a few drops of sense will mingle in with the blood.