Friday, December 31, 2010


*dancin* for 2011 owww!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Something good happened in 2010!!!


Well two things actually. The first being I bought a car. My very own first ever car that I purchased all on my own. *smile* Got her in March. Uhhh...then she got towed about a week later and i had to pay $300 damn dollars to get her out, blew out a back tire on the highway and needed a serpentine belt replacement all within the first month, BUT that's neither here nor there. She's right outside safe and sound and I've destroyed all bus passes.

The second good thing is that my friend from Mills, Kiala G., created and published an amazing Literary Magazine, Generations. The first volume was just released a few months ago and it's beautiful. She asked me to contribute to the next volume and i'm beyond honored. To top it off, she wants me to conduct and write an interview with the super-talented, hella fierce spoken-word slam poet, Rachel McKibbens.


No, yall dont understand. Her book of poetry, Pink Elephant, is the best ever. Her writing is so blunt and in your face and so damn REAL. She has been a huge inspiration for me ever since i was exposed to her so this is beyond unreal for me right now. So happy for the opportunity. THANK YOU KIALA :-)

SO yeah. 2010 wasn't 100% sucky. I'll give credit to where it's due. 98% sucky. lol.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Do you ever just want to kick every damn thing in sight???

That pretty much sums up how i feel right now. I want to kick every trash can and wall I see. smh. I need sleep. And answers. And a drink. or four. Or maybe not because the way I feel, someone's head would get knocked off right now if I had a drink. Or 4.


Dear sucked almost as hard as 2009. The last few months have tried to bring a small dose of sunshine in between the clouds full of shit...but it's not enough.

Dear have no choice BUT to produce something happier for me. I cant and I wont continue goin thru the same shit different day/week/month.year anymore. No MA'AM. I'm done.

I'm not resovled to do any damn thing in 2011 besides graduate and shut the fuck up. I have spent so much time trying to explain convince and prove myself...smh. I'm tired and it's time for results or it's time for me to just STOP.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


BLAH is precisely how i feel. Life is all over the place. Highs aren't hitting on anything and the lows are reaching the absolute pits. Smh. I need 2011 to work something out.