Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just something I needed to read

I borrowed these lyrics from one of my new favorite blogs, My Affinity. I wont comment on the situation right now because...well I really can't. Im struggling to keep it all together and Joss Stone always seems to get it right...

♫ I'll be alright and I'm gonna love again. My wounds will mend...I'm bruised but not broken.... and the pain will fade, I'll get back on my feet. It's not the end of me...my heart is still open...bruised but not broken...♫ -Joss Stone-

Friday, September 25, 2009

Im surprised I still have any followers!

*lookin around the place*

Everything still looks the same around here...but it feels different. smh. It has been wayyy too long since I've blogged.I feel like the days when i was blogging almost every day were so long ago. I miss it! *tears in eyes* CURSE my desire to be a college graduate! smh.

Y'all...i'm tellin you. I'm not complaining. But this shit rite here...Mills college?? Is no fuckin joke. School has never been hard for me. [except anything dealing with math.] And the actual work is not the problem, it's the amount! I feel like a slave!!! I know one ought not say that because our slave ancestors wouldn't appreciate it very much, but shit. That's how i feel and i'm stickin to it. Nite after nite of stayin up til 3 to finish a paper is not the bizness. I barely have enough time to wash my ass let alone BLOG about it! smh. So yeah. I have to say thank you to those who still do random blog-bys to check and see if i've posted anything. Im sorry for slackin and i'll try to do better but um.... please don't hold your breath on that.

What else, what else?

Oh i'm looking for a car. I have worn out my welcome on the bus / bart train and Icantdoitnomo. I need a car. asap. SO i have my little $ together and im ready to buy! I will mos definitely post pics and announce the name of the addition to our family as soon as i buy her =-)

I joined crackberry nation today. I got a Blackberry Curve. Im still feelin it out and I think im going through Sidekick withdrawals but i'm sure i'll get use to the bb eventually. It is a powerful lil thing. Does every damn thing under the sun [would be nice if it would so some of my HOMEWORK] so i can see why people are addicted to them. But there's just something about my sidekick slide...memories. *sigh* If i could combine the sidekick keyboard and interface with all of the BB apps and functionality...i'd have a G1 google phone!! Lol. And that's what i'm aspiring to buy in a few months. Ahh i'm never satisfied. *shrugs*

Ohhh i also got a new Ipod. The Ipod Touch and i ADORE it. Do you see a pattern of spending $$$ here?? lol. But yeah, I'm truly addicted to that thing. Love it. I think everyone should get one. If i could twinkle my nose and have one magically appear in your hands you would have as much joy as i do rite now.

Ummm...is there anything else? I think i'm fairly caught up. How r u guys doing?? Damn I really miss being on here :-( I gotta hurry up and get that laptop....