Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nail Art! (Yes i'm bored)

I have many ways of expressing myself. Writing, singing, etc. But hands down, my fingernails give me a chance to truly glitz & glam it up. So as I was looking through my phone I noticed I had a pic of my nails from a few months ago. Then I looked at my hands now (just got em done yesterday) and i decided to blog it! Don't ask why just know that I'm at work and I really don't wanna be so this is how I rebel.

Breakfast At Tiffany's

Pink Panther

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twitter Me!

Or Tweet me. Wutever it's called. Just do it :-)

My new and shiny Twitter profile name is PoetryIsBliss

My grade on Obama's 1st 100 Days

-4/28/09 The Obama administration is asking Congress to close the big gap in prison sentences for dealing crack versus powdered cocaine, a law that critics say is unfair to blacks. Federal law now has what lawyers call a "100-to-1" ratio for cocaine sentences, in which a person selling five grams of crack faces the same five-year mandatory minimum sentence as someone selling 500 grams of powder cocaine. Critics of the law say it unfairly punishes black offenders, pointing to statistics showing 82 percent of federal crack cocaine convicts were black, while nine percent were white.President Barack Obama had called for such a change while campaigning for the White House as he also fought against many of these situations as a civil rights lawyer.

This alone just upped his chances of a good grade in my book.

I am an Obama fan. Had no hesitancies whatsoever voting for him. I believe he has good intentions, his heart is in the right place and he's intelligent as all hell, which puts him WAY ahead of the curve of our last President. Oh and I adore Michelle :-) With that said, I am no fool. A politican is a politician who will always be a politician. And politicians pander, they lie, they "misspeak", they make mistakes, they take stuff back, and they duck and dodge to miss the dripping shit that they helped throw towards the fan. Obama has and will do all of the above, just as McCain & Hillary would have. So completely setting aside his skin color, coolness, refreshing & sincere love for his family & his amazing wife (did I mention I love her?), my grade for President Obama's first 100 days in office remains PENDING.

He has made some smart moves that work well for him.

Out the gate, he signed the Ledbetter law into action, guaranteeing and protecting equal pay between women and men, also making sexual discrimination cases on behalf of victimized women easier to file and more strictly enforced.

His stem cell research initiative, reversing the ban imposed by Bush, gets a standing ovation from me.

His willingness to travel abroad and LISTEN instead of lecture, paying attention to the global issues with America, and his dedication towards working with foreign leaders in order to restore their trust in our country is an excellent sign. I'm definitely looking forward to climbing out of the Piece of Shit status we currently have with other countries thanks to G.W.B.

Closing Gitmo is still iffy for me. I do believe Guantanamo Bay was a bad look for us. And it seemed rather pointless. But I do wonder now, where in the world will the detainees go and what trickery will they become a part of? Is this a safe move?

The Economy. Whew lord. I kinda feel bad for the current administration cuz it's really not their fault that our economy has been driven into the fiery depths of hell. I would say drag Bush's ass back in to help sort out the mess he made but no, he wouldn't do anything but throw gas onto the fire, i'm sure. So it is what it is and President Obama has the grand job of dealing with it. I think lots of his brain power is being applied to this issue and I can respect his hustle and work ethics towards the matter. The stimulus plan is slowly but surely trickling in. Working for a school district, I have a 1st row seat (okay maybe like 3rd row) to watch how jobs are being terminated, funds are flying out of the window and lives are being destroyed because of our financial situation. It has not been a pleasant two years for education. Over this past week, with the onset of stimulus plan dollars, we have been able to restore over 60% of the jobs that were pink slipped last year. A "plan" is in the works to use more money to get back as many employees as possible while injecting funds back into the schools as well. Things are far from being okay, but they are looking up instead of digging deeper into the pile. The AIG fiasco was a mess and tainted Obama in my mind because um..hello...why did he give them more $$$ in the first place? Yeah so that sucked. Not a wise decision. So the jury is still out on the economy, and rightfully so. You can't judge anything of this magnitude in 100 days. Ask me again this time next yr.

Education. Okay so i'm a broke college student. As are many of you. I'm looking for HELP from the gov't who claims to want to bolster the amount of US college graduates every yr. We cant graduate if we can't pay for school. We cant pay for school if yall dont give us any money. Duh. Education seems to be fairly important to our Pres and if the economy wasn't a ball of horse doo doo he would probably be doing more to strengthen that area. So far, I know he's pushing to lessen the amount of unsubsidized student loans offered and replacing them with more federal grants and gov't subsidized loans. Well halleleujah. UNsubsidized=UNcalled for high interest rates that I will have to pay back and it's UNlikely that i'll have the money to do so. Therefore, grants are GOOD. I also know he's pumping upwards of 5 billion dollars into Head Start programs, which of course, is a great thing. Education starts early, people. You can't expect little Johnny to graduate from college if he didn't even learn his ABC's until the 4th grade. Pre school is fundamental (oh and so is reading;-)

The costly, bloody, senseless wars are still raging. And to point out the fact brought up by my girlfriend, we're in a NEW war now with the damn pirates of the caribbean! Wtf. I swear its like a huge joke or something. But its really not funny. I understand that protecting our country is necessary & if our safety is being threatened, yeah, handle that. But it's time to let Iraq go. Sorry. Its time. Afghanistan too. Its pointless. Removal from Iraq needs to begin sooner than later. YES it should be done cautiously, I get that. But we gotta start somewhere. I'll give Obama an A+ times two if retrieval begins in early 2010.

It has been one helluva 100 days. Everyone else's 1st 100 seems like a Cinco de Mayo cake walk. So for the amount of pressure he's dealing with, i'm willing to ebb & flow with Obama for now. That's why im holding out on grading him. He's done a lot of good & he's made some questionable moves. I'm just sitting back & waiting. Eyes & ears open, trust. I know everything wont be resolved to my liking,nor to his because he does have the senate and house to work with [damn republicans]. But I do believe in his abilities. Let's just hope he comes through.

All I got ta say IS...

If i hear one more word about the swine flu [excuse me, the H1N1 virus] im quarantining my damn self! All these snot nose, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, raspy, ashy lookin people around this city, I cant tell the difference between swine flu and typical everyday hot ass messiness!!! I mean wtf can I do? Go around drowning people in Lysol disenfectant? [sigh] I swear if its not one thing, its another. And my allergies are actin up lately, got me all paranoid and shit like please please let this Claritin work cuz if my noze drips a little too much im going to the ER. Real talk. I dont have that kinda time to have no swine flu. Not with finals coming up, and all of this scholarship stuff I'm working on, my concert on this saturday AND i'm outta sick leave at work which means any days I take off will be comin outta my paycheck...hell to the no. iRefuse and iRebuke the swine flu.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie reviews & other random stuff

It's Monday. (Boooooooo) Y'all know im never up to par on mondays so work with me here. I went to see The Soloist and Obsessed on Saturday. Here are my thoughts. Don't worry I wont spoil anything for you if u havent seen them.

The Soloist. Grade: A-. Love Jamie Foxx. He's amazing. He definitely was not his normal dapper looking self, but um..i can excuse the balding jerri curl in exchange for a spectacular performance. I'm also happy that Robert Downey Jr has finally gotten his shit together enough to start making good movies again. His drug use and now sobriety has made him such a gritty and genuine talent. Like it took for him to go through hell and back to really come into his own as an actor. Both were great. I gave it the minus after the A only cuz the end seemed a lil abrupt to me. I just wanted more.

Obsessed. Grade: C+. Okay so i'll say it. The only thing saving this movie was the fight scene at the end, Bey's clothes (love the little black dress she wore out to dinner with hubby), and the sheer comedy of it all. Who knew a movie about a psycho stalker bitch creating drama for a young family could be so hillarious? I swear there were moments in that movie where I almost had tears in my eyes I laughed so hard. I dont think it was meant to be funny at all but between Bey's "acting", Idris jus being plain stupid and the skinny white chick really believing Idris would leave Beyonce for HER...lollll. Yeah I would see it again. And I would be sneaking into it again too cuz im not payin for it. Now I will go a lil easy on Ms Knowles and give her props on coming a loooong way from playing Foxy Brown on that stupid ass Austin Powers movie. She had her moments in this movie where she showed some decent acting abilities. A tad bit overdone, but eh. Ill get what I can take.

Other than that, I did nothing. My wkend was fairly unimpressive. A little depressing actually. But im not even gonna get all into that right now. Its a new week and i can't wait until Friday!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday in a flash!

It's Fridayyy, It's Friiiidayyyyyyyy, It's Frrriiiiiiiidaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

When I tell you this has been 1 of the longest weeks of my life, just trust me. Im just happy i made it through this 1st week after my beautiful vacation that I miss so much....

Anywho, lets see here.

*Goin to the movies tomorrow to see two movies, One is probably destined for Oscar greatness, the other probably should have went straight to DVD but oh well. I'll let you decide which is which.

* Might check out some spoken word poetry in Oakland by Staceyann Chin (from Def Jam poety) if I feel like payin for a BART ticket.

* I'm having a love affair with my hair right now :-) I've become hair obsessed in my journey towards reaching mid-back length and I must say I like it!

* Don't know what to cook for dinner tonite that can top my new creation of mexican lasagna last night.

* After watching the season finale of Making the Band last night, let me reiterate that I can not stand Diddy or his teeth.

* After watching the finale of For the Love of Ray J earlier in the week, let me reiterate that Ray J and Cockatoo will last the duration of the summer and then she'll be back to flashin her boobs on the streets of Sacramento and he'll be back to smashin Danger and releasing lame hoebag singles.

* I need to clean my apartment. I'd rather deep condition my hair.

* I want a new tattoo so bad im tempted to do it myself.

* My bday is in 77 days and i'm none too excited. I feel so old. In 4 years i'll be 30. Life is over.

* I want some tequila. Patron please.

* Im mailing off my 300.00 check to Mills college this wkend. It's suppose to reserve my spot for Fall semester and be applied to my student account. My bank account is in serious denial.

* Speaking of money for college. I dont have enough. Im suppose to be working on another scholarship app right now but instead im posting this. No wonder I dont have enough $$$. lol. I'll get it done. Blah.

* Life is one big hot mess of drama but it's also a precious commodity that needs to be handled with sensitivity, common sense and self-control . One day i'll master the precarious balancing act... I hope

And that's my Friday in a flash. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I swear Beyonce's daddy be smokin that ish

Matthew Knowles has a strong pimp hand y'all. I swear he is in the wrong era. He reminds me of 1970's Joe Jackson mixed with a dash of Ike Turner (minus the wife beater part cuz I dont think Tina Knowles plays that...even tho her name is Tina...) But yeah, anyway. Matthew, as we all know, is Cash Cows Beyonce's slave master manager. And he takes his job and his product very seriously. You don't mess with The Beyonce. Mmm mmmm. Matthew will get in that ass if u even cut your eyes at her the wrong way when she walks by. Im tellin you. Pimp hand. Check out what Daddy Knowles had to say about the altered "recording" of Beyonce singing If I Were A Boy live on some daytime talk show.

"If no one took the time to look at the biggest inauguration in the history of America then shame on them. If no one took the time to listen to Beyonce sing 'America The Beautiful' and 'At Last' at the Neighborhood Ball for the first dance of President Obama and the First Lady, and they question Beyonce's vocal ability, they've gotta be an idiot. That would be like questioning if Kobe Bryant could shoot a jump shot. The vocals were obviously altered."

Lmfao. Okay, damn. We get it. The Beyonce can sing and the track played on Howard Stern's show was obviously fake and people should stop talking shit about The Beyonce's voice cuz it's God's gift sent straight from heaven and if we didn't know we betta ask somebody. Chill out Matthew. Seriously. Beyonce didn't even take it that serious. She laughed it off and said her live performances speak for themselves far better than a fake tape can. And besides, the guy who created the recording already fessed up and is bowing down to Matthew as I type.

Beyonce go pour your dad a drink and tell Jay to let him hit the blunt real quick. Thanks.
Sidebar: I wonder what he would say if a track leaked with Solange soundin a hot mess. Think he would get as defensive? No comment.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes size does matter!

That's like the question of the decade. Does size matter? Well i'm here to emphatically yell from the top of my lungs YES SIZE MATTERS DEARLY!

Now that I have your attention, let me inform you that I am not talking about, nor do I have any remote interest in penis size. Hope that's not what you were looking for :-) But what I am referring to is body shape. More specifically the female body. As we all know, our society is obsessed with shape and size. The general standard is the smaller/leaner/toner a woman is, the more beautiful she is. Now i'm not one to burst somebodies bony bubble (ha) but that shit is for the birds. Sorry. I like substance and density. Hips, thighs, ass, curves galore is the most outwardly beautiful thing a woman can possess. We were not made to be a size negative 3. So why do so many women try so hard to hit that mark? I just gotta say somethin about this one rite here.

Kim Kardashian is the it girl right now for many reasons, albeit I can only name one. She's a cute girl. (Her sister Khloe is cuter) No one in their right mind would say Kim was fat. So why does she feel as if she has to defend her body type every other day? A few days ago she responded to some US magazine ad that connected her to the Forever 21 plus size clothing line. It must have severely offended her cuz she ranted and raved "I am a size 2, not a 2XL!. I don't shop plus size anything & never will. " Lol. Ok. 1st off, she's a size 2 lie. Not with those hips honey. Now I can understand not wanting to be labeled something you obviously arent. But come on now. Who really thinks Kim K is plus size??? My whole thing is, what does that message say to women who do wear 2XL? Girls who look up to her and other celebrities, unfortunately take everything that these "idols" say to heart and when it sounds as if you're disgusted by anything plus size...not a good look at all.

We gotta stop this obsession with being skinny. It's destructive to women and more importantly, young girls who are still forming their own self-esteem and image. I understand the need to be HEALTHY. That's a whole different thing. But you can be 115 pounds and still be the most unhealthy person in the world. So yes size matters, but put more importance on feeling comfortable, beautiful, sexy, confident and healthy at whatever size and shape you are.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Conversations in my head. Round 6 (Mr Sean Combs)

*Ring Ring*

Diddy: Bad boy

Me: What the hell? That's not how you answer a damn phone! And I called your cell, not your office.

Diddy: Who is this?

Me: Not one of your artists that's for damn sure.

Diddy: I don't have time for games, ma.

Me: Really Diddy? You coulda fooled me. Cuz that's all you been doin for the past 10 years. Runnin game.

Diddy: Okay I'm done with the bullshit.

Me: Yeah ok. I mean seriously Daddy. What's up with the Danity Kane fiasco?

Diddy: Danity Kane got themselves in their own mess and now they have to suffer the consequences.

Me: Who the hell are you? Judge Mathis? Listen up Puff. You feelin yourself a bit too much. It started way back when you first put that S-curl activator in your head. Now it's just outta control.

Diddy: What the fuck are you talkin about?

Me: YOU! Come on now, stay with me Ditty Bop. Find a way to close your mouth around those teeth and let some oxygen get to the brain.

Diddy: Okay you got jokes. You kno Im gonna trace this call and come beat your ass right?

Me: I'm not surprised that you would threaten a woman, seeing as how you're mentoring Chris Brown these days. But anyway, getting back to Danity Kane. You know you did those girls dirtier than the back of your neck. You started all of that shit and then threw the blame on Aubrey and D Woods cuz you wanted Dawn all to yourself! Why couldnt you just say that? Why stir up the pot only to let it burn in the end? And then you drag Aundrea allll the way back onto the show just to fire her?! Hell naw. If I were Aundrea I woulda busted you in your front tooth with my purse. You made a mistake Sean. Those girls were the only artists you had on your label actually making some money.

Diddy: Wrong. Day Twenty S-...

Me: I dont give a rat's ass about Seven Eleven or whatever they're called. Brian's a cry baby, Robert's a closet case, and Que is a bipolar punk bitch. Mike and Will are the only two with some sense and they're about fed up with the tomfoolery as well. Danity Kane sold records Sean. They moved units. What else you got? Cassie's half bald headed ass isnt worth much these days...well at least not outside of your bedroom. Donnie is two inches away from being a Disney Cruise lounge singer. I don't see any long lines of talent forming outside of your studio. You suck Sean. You suck. You don't know how to treat people, you misuse and abuse your artists and your bottom lip is dryer than Day 42's bank account. Someone needs to report you and your whole operation to the Better Business Bureau. Cuz you got to go.

Diddy: Ok i'm done.

Me: Promise? Please promise. Cuz I'm really not interested in season 102 of Making the Band. Let it go. You've made your money off the backs of others who still gotta work side jobs to pay bills. You stacked your green, so go retire far far away somewhere and give it a rest. Thanks. And you have a great day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Baaack!

*Blinks repeatedly at computer screen*

Why is it always so damn hard to come back to work after a vacay? I feel like i'm being tortured for something hideous. Really. I feel like i've been gone forever! It was only a week. A beautiful, perfect, peaceful, fun, relaxing week of coastal scenery, good food, smiles and most importantly FREE TIME with my baby. [sigh]

I wanna go back NOW.

This 9 to 5 stuff is for the birds. I gotta finish writing my book so i can quit this monotonous schedule and make my own hours. Im thankful for my paycheck, don't get me wrong (talkin to God) but I need a change of pace for real.

Anywho, enough of my complaints. I did have a great vacation and there will be plenty of pics posted later. Don't really have much blog worthy news right now, blame it on my mind still being out on the beach....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ms. Lalah Hathaway...yes ma'am :-)

I took my baby out to Yoshi's in Oakland yesterday for her b-day (which was the 9th) and we saw Lalah Hathaway in concert. She is the BIZNESS. For real. I love her vibe and that voice..whew. About as sultry and smooth as one can get. Definitely a fan.

In other news, i won't be blogging for the next week. Me and my baby will be on vacay down in Santa Cruz. We need some alone time :-) far far away from the stress of school and work. So it will be jus me, her and the beach. Oh and probably a few bottles of liquor. Good times await!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our First Lady gets it from her mama

Yes, more Obama swag

Behind [most] strong women, there is a strong[er] mother. I say most because not all mother's are deserving of the mommy title (meaning some should have been on higher doses of birth control pills). But from what I know about her, Michelle Obama gets her brains, beauty and everything in between from her mama, Ms. Marian Robinson. Together they grace the cover of Essence, May issue. Check out what the article is about. Raising smart & confident kids, strong marriages and future plans. All things the younger generation [me & my cohorts] need to be begging for advice on & the amount of knowledge between these two women has to be phenomenal. Yet another mag i'll be purchasing.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scholarship update :-)

Ok so two friday flash posts ago, I told yall about my Kennedy-King scholarship interview. Well, I was just informed over the weekend that I got it!!! :-) Okay so that's an additional $4,000 per yr towards my tuition, making the grand total of scholarship money so far $14,000 per yr. Thats pretty good, but i've got approx. $17,000 more to go! Wish me luck on my hunt for $ cuz i know its out there.

More info on the Kennedy-King scholarship fund can be found here . It's a great foundation that I will definitely give back to once i'm done with my degrees and making that $$$$$.


Excuse my usage of caps lock in the title [yes I am yelling] but I am so set on edge right now, its not even funny. Im sure everyone, or at least everyone in California has heard of Sandra Cantu, the 8 yr old little girl who went missing on March 27. Of course her parents have been frantic, pleading for help, getting little to no sleep, worrying their asses off about their little girl. My prayers have been with them since the story first broke.

Yesterday, a couple of workers found a large black suitcase tossed in a dairy farm pond and reported it to the police. My stomach dropped as soon as I saw footage of the suitcase washed up along the side of that pond. My heart held hope that she was not inside of it. My brain knew the inevitable. I awoke this morning to find out that Sandra Cantu's body was indeed in that suitcase. I can only imagine what her parents woke up to. My prayers will continue to be with them and I ache for what they are going through.

But that does not stop me from being mad as hell.

Question: Why in the f*ck was this 8 year old girl wandering around a damn trailer park all by her lonesome? Im sorry but hell to the no. I dont care if its a trailer park or freakin Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills. No. Parents give their kids too much freedom nowadays. Back in 1991 (when I was 8) there was no way my mom was gonna let me walk to my friends house alone, then leave that friends house by myself and walk to another friends house. If i even suggested it, she woulda snatched me up so quick I woulda swore the end of the world was near. My parents didn't play that. If I wanted to go play with friends and if they knew and trusted the family they got up and saw that I made it somewhere safely. There was no hopping from house to house as I saw fit. You see im still alive and well today. When did 8 years old become old enough to run the streets? Sorry, but unless you're old enough to own a drivers license (or pay for bus fare), you will not transport yourself anywhere. And even if you do have a license, you will probably be driving MY car, and you best believe you will be telling me where you are going before you get there or you might as well stay there cuz when you get back home within my grasp.....

i'll leave it at that.

Im just sayin, parents need to step it up. Stop acting like we live in Paradise. Recognize that this is one evil, despicable, harsh, twisted, fucked up society we live in and that at any given moment, there can be someone watching and waiting for you to slack on your DUTY as a parent and that one time you let little adorable Maria walk around the block to her best friends house by herself, that could be the one time she is snatched up and never to be seen again.

Verdict on this: If you don't have the time or the desire to properly watch and protect your kids, do not have them.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday in a flash

* It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday!!

* The other days of the week (minus Saturday) should feel like outcasts because NO other day puts a smile on my face like Friday. I swear it's like Christmas to a 5 year old.

* No big plans for tonight. Actually i'll be doing homework and studying for two midterms next week so it might as well be any other day of the week. But it's not, it's FRIDAY!! :-)

* Tomorrow (my other favorite day) i'll be up at the butt crack of dawn (which should be illegal on Saturdays) to go to an orientation/open house at San Francisco State University with my baby. She really wants to transfer there next year so we're gonna go check some things out and make sure the campus is worthy of her.

* I still wanna see Haunting in Connecticut, and Knowing, and Taken. Hopefully I can fit movie time in Saturday or Sunday night.

* Sunday will consist of absolutely nothing besides washing my hair and being a lazy ass bum on my couch with some hot cheetos and pink lemonade. Best plans ever.

* This week went by kinda fast.

* But not fast enough.

* I better stop complaining before i'm 75 and pleading for time to sloooowwwww down for my old wrinkled ass.

* I want some ice cream. Strawberry Haagen Daz please. Thanks.

* My anniversary was great. Now working on year 5. Im bankin on it being a really good year.

*The scholarship interview I Friday Flashed about last weekend went well. I'll know the outcome in about a week or 2. Fingers crossed, prayers pouring out like H20.

* I'm already clock-watching and its only 8:43am. [sigh] But it's okay. It's FRIDAY!!!

*And that's my Friday in a flash. Have a great weekend everyone.

Throwback pic from High school. Mannn you couldn't tell me jack squat back then. Of course me bein me now, I could tell myself back then A LOT. Ahhh it feels like only yesterday when I was young & stupid.

Michelle Obama is so REAL

She spoke at an all girls school and you see they lost their minds. It's nice to know you don't necessarily have to be Lil Wayne or Beyonce to get mobbed. She spoke to these young ladies minds and souls and told them that they are more precious than words can describe. Her own words moved her to tears...and me too. I'm such a cry baby.
I've made an oath to myself that I will meet this woman sometime within the next eight years. She's such a phenomenal, educated, graceful, genuine, articulate, strong black woman. Y'all already know how I feel about First Lady O ;-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday jackass award goes to....

whoever was responsible for pressing the send button that sent a YOU'RE IN! email to 29,000 applicants who were desperately trying to get into the University of San Diego. Why is this such a bad thing? Because the 29,000 students who were sent the YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED! email...really weren't.
I know how it is to bust your ass filling out 15 page applications, requesting transcripts and test scores, hunting after people to give good recommendations, applying for financial aid, writing 4452345 personal essays all for that one letter from that one college that you've been dreaming of telling you that your blood sweat and tears has not been in vain because guess what... YOU'RE IN! I know how it is. So to get that notification and bask in the shining moment and then an hour later have it taken back like "ooops we made a mistake. That email was for someone else"....hell to the no. You best believe I would be in someone's classroom on the 1st day of school like um yes I was sent an acceptance letter BEFORE i got my rejection letter so im rollin with the first decision, thank you. Carry on with class please.
Dumb asses. UCSD should be beyond that. I understand things happen, but thats 29,000 people whose hearts just got stomped on because of an error. And then all they get was a second email taking it all back?! Rude. Just rude.