Thursday, May 28, 2009

TODAY is my FRIDAY !!! Wooooooooo!

lol. Y'all know how I do on Fridays. Since i'm not coming in to work tomorrow (school stuff to take care of) today is officially my Friday. And I was off Monday! What did i do to deserve this?!! :-) Anywho, just wanted to wish everyone a safe & fun weekend. Do everything I would do & then some. Guaranteed good times rite there!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stressin for usual

I just checked my grades for this semester and was pleasantly surprised to see I made an A in that english class I complained about last week. Remember the teacher I turned the wrong essay in to and I lost 50 pts and I just knew my grade was gonna drop? Well Jesus must have known i wouldnt be any good to myself if I actually did get a B so he went on ahead and made that A happen and I'm sooooooooooooo thankful ;-) So far I have 3 A's. I'm waiting on one more grade and i'm already prepared for sumthin closer to a C cuz it's that damn astronomy class. I swear I feel like the biggest idiot for being able to pull A's in poli sci, sociology, 5 different english classes, bioscience and every other class.... but I can't get one in astronomy. lmao. Sumthin ain't right. That class is evil. As long as I pass it. Anything less than a C and I will be payin that teacher a personal visit and it wont be to discuss the moon phases.

My time at this school is quickly winding down and I couldn't be happier. Los Medanos College has served me well and i've served it even better but it's time to move on. I can't wait to start and finish at Mills and finally FINALLY be a college graduate. I've been nothing but blessed these last few yrs and I feel like its my season and I owe it to myself and to God to take full advantage of it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Its like this that and this & uhhh

First and foremost I'd like to thank God for allowing me to bypass the worse work day of all time [Monday] and enjoy it at home instead, in the arms of my gf stuffing my face with a plate full of some bomb ass spaghetti and catching up on all the lameness that is cable television. Paid holidays make my world glisten and glow :-)

And then came today. As most of you may know, California courts ruled to UPHOLD the ban on gay marriage. Im seething on the inside. Literally, I feel like my blood is coming to a quick boil as I run down the list of reasons why California is seriously on that bullshit. Im not gonna talk about this here, cuz i've already ranted about it over at my other space [go ahead and click that link to have a read. I'll wait.]

Moving on...

Last week = hell in a handbasket for me. My emotions were all over the place, my thoughts were in the gutter & not in a freaky im about to get some ass kinda way. I mean I was just thinking the worse of the worse about things and it completely drained me. The best thing about last week was the fact that i'm done with spring semester and will never have to look at another science lab in my life. I swear I don't wanna see another star, moon, or constellation for the next 6 months. I'm an English major for a reason. And it ain't cuz I have the best grammar. Its cuz i royally suck at everything else ;-) So yeah, last week wasn't pretty. The weekend was kinda nice tho. Had a slight bump in the road Sunday nite but hopefully that will be taken care of so I can move on with life. This week needs to be better cuz if it gets any worse imma end up in jail. I'm jus sayin.

There was sumthin else I wanted to talk about. Wtf was it? I swear my mind is slippin at an alarming rate and I dont even smoke weed. It's not fair. Oh yeah! I remember...

This loud mouth wench right here. Yes i said wench dammit. Im bringing the word back in rotation. I coulda called her a bitch & been accurate cuz that's all she does is bitch & moan but i'll stick to wench cuz it fits. Kate Gosselin of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 fame. Cant stand her. *side eye* Sittin up there grinnin & signing books, pullin in the $$$ like a boss (not mad @ her for that) while her family tears at the seams. Im just too through with the messy situation between her and her husband. Do yall watch this show? This woman is atrocious! She's rude as hell and someone needs to backhand her one good time. {side bar- I do not advocate domestic abuse. I said SOMEONE needs to backhand her. That someone need not be her husband. Maybe a sister in law, an ex-bff, someone. Hell where can I sign up?} She treats Jon like she cant stand the ground he walks on and would rather not share the air he breathes. Like why is she still with him? Pack your shit and your 598 kids and leave if you're so unhappy! I know divorce is never an easy thing but honey when you look like you'd rather suffer from a double yeast infection than show your significant other some love &'s time ta go. And then there's this infidelity issue. Okay. So she thinks Jon cheated on her. I understand that's enough to make you resent someone & rightfully so. But no, thats not her problem cuz she been havin that same stank attitude for mulitple seasons now. Has she been thinking he was steppin out on her for the past 5 yrs? Then she's really retarded cuz there's no way in hot hell I'm gonna stay around and keep having babies for you and I know you're bangin sideline chicks in your spare time? No sir. And why does he even have enough spare time to be havin sex with someone else anyway?! He has 8 damn kids! Sat down somewhere Jon & think about it. Whew lawd. These people and this show. smh.

Yeah yeah, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they're usually full of shit but still. Jon & Kate need to drop the bull and step up for their family and either let each other go or re-discover that burning flame they once had for each other and get it poppin. Cuz all this tension, and not talkin, and cryin and accusations, and side eye death stares is just too murch.

I think that's it. Yeah. Im done.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy 100th post!!

Make this 101!!

Im proud of myself for staying consistent with...well anything. I dont do it often. *pat myself on the back* And especially when it comes to writing, I need this. Just write for the hell of it. All of this writing for grades, writing for deadlines...drives me crazy & drains my creative juices. Blogging gets it nice and moisturized :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life is one big ass open mic comedy nite

So i'm here on a Wednesday early afternoon. I got to work late because I had to run up to my school to handle some business really quick this morning. On my ride I was thinking about some of everything, as usual. And one of my random thoughts was about how serious I take everything. I seem to have lost my ability to let stuff happen and roll off my shoulders. Is it because so much shit has happened to the point where it's really just not funny any more? Or maybe the older I get, the more analytical I get, and the more analytical I get, the less humor I find in my analysis. But damn, i'm only 25. I don't know what the deal is but i gotta backtrack. I take every single thing to heart these days, and I milk it for every ounce of negativity. It's really starting to take its toll on me and how I interact with people I care about. So let me add this to my Take Your Own Damn Advice list-

Everything isn't important enough to stress over. And if it is that important, stressing isn't gonna change the situation. Rid yourself of the toxicity and move on. I may not be able to control what cards i'm dealt but i'll be damned if I dont throw some of them bitches right back at you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The grass isnt always greener...

u know the rest and and that's all im gonna say.

Monday, May 18, 2009

iPanic like crazy oh and its monday :-(

Ok so I hate making mistakes. Especially really stupid mistakes that if I would have taken three extra seconds to double check and ensure that I was doing something properly, I wouldn't have made the stupid ass mistake. Today I found out that I made a mistake last week by emailing my english teacher the wrong version of an essay that was due. My essay that I spent hours stressing over was about 4 pages long. Whatever the hell I sent to her was only 1 pg long and cut off mid way through a paragraph. wtf? So I get to work and check an email from my teacher who was like i missing something here? So i double check what I sent her and sure enough, I sent the wrong thing.


I had my gf get on our computer at hm to search for the real version of my essay and its nowhere to be found. WHAT THE FUCKKKKK

I know there's no way i exited from that document without saving it. No way. Im not that slow. So as of now, I only got 50 out of 100 pts for that retarded ass essay that i stayed up until all hours of the morning to work on. Im too pissed off right now And it's monday which doesnt help anything AND it's finals week.

I need a drink.

Oh and Angels & Demons was good, not great. I liked the Davinci Code better. X Men Origins:Wolverine was really good. My scholarship banquet was very nice. We did end up going to the club saturday night but it sucked...big surprise there. We're saving Butta for next month during pride, hoping it will be worth it. Wish I could flesh this post out a little bit more but im still too pissed off to write so i'm going to put myself in a corner for a minute until I can come back without my attitude. Don't hold ya breath waiting for me...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday in a flash!

And it's about that happy time again. *dancin & singin* HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Twas a good week. Went by relatively fast. It's my last week of school before finals, thank you God!!! You would think a damn astronomy class would be the least of my worries behind my other classes. Pssh. Got my ass up here wishin on a star just for a C! And i don't do C's. But i'll do the hell outta one this semester. *fingers crossed*

My Kennedy-King scholarship banquet is tonight and i'm excited. (click the link and scroll all the way down for my lil bio on their website) My baby and I are gonna look quite dapper in our black and pink. She has been extra stressed trying to find the perfect tie to match my shirt. But she found it @ the last minute & i cant wait to get all dolled up and be on her arm :-)

Im going to see Angels & Demons tomorrow. I know its gonna be amazing. Hmmm...what else? Tryin to see whats up tomorrow nite at the club but after searching high & low for a hot spot, I've concluded that I live in just about the most boring ass place ever! I mean wtf? There are ridiculous #'s of lesbians out here but um...does no one go to the club anymore? There's sumthin goin on Sunday called Butta, it's a T-dance (wutever the hell that is) from 2pm to 9pm. *side eye* I hear its a mighty popular event for lesbians but im just not to grand on clubbin in broad daylight. Sumthin just doesn't feel right. But we might try it. Reviews to come monday.

Thats about it!
Have a beautifully blessed weekend everyone :-)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Letter to my unborn child

I thieved this idea from one of my favorite bloggers Awesomely Luvvie. Thought it was a cute idea. I actually think I wrote one of these a long long time ago but i'm sure that thing is dusty and non-relevant (irrelevant maybe??) as hell so i'll take another stab at it. And now my letter to my unborn child....

To whom this may concern To my little princess, (in a perfect world you'll be a girl)
Aww hi honey. Let me start by saying that i'm sure you are just about the most gorgeous ,adorable, precious, cute, fluffy, happiest baby ever. I say just about because well, I was a baby once and I took that crown 25 yrs ago :-) Anyway, okay so I have lots of things to tell you. I'll try to keep this as short as possible because if you're anything like me, you have the attention span of a flea...whatever that span may be. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and your Ima and about this world you're gonna be born into.

First things first, let me apologize beforehand for possibly scaring the crap out of you during the birthing process. Im sure i'll be screaming bloody murder and using words that you better not even form your lips to say until you're old enough to pay rent. I know i'm gonna look a hot funky mess with hair plastered to my head, ice chips dripping from my mouth and lots of drugs running through my veins. But hopefully you'll see past the blood, sweat, and tears and see that yes you're mommy is fly and you've inherited some great genes. So no worries. Now your Ima (which means mom in Hebrew) on the other hand, thinks she'll be as cool as a cucumber throughout the whole ordeal. Something tells me to highly doubt it but hey, you never know. One thing for sure is that she'll look a helluva ooops I mean a whole lot better than I will at that moment. She always looks that good. So no worries there either. Being born into a gorgeous family isn't the most important thing, but it's a nice little treat when it does happen.

I have to warn you that mommy has a bit of a potty mouth. I will work on this. There are some things that your young ears just don't need to hear. But i'm not perfect so i'm sure a few things will slip by. Just remember that none of these words are directed at you, it's just mommy's way of venting. I'm also going to be very protective. I wont say i'll be over-protective because I know how it feels to be smothered sheltered and I don't want to do that to you. But I will always have at least one eye on you while you're under the age of 18. Past that, you can make it do what it your own place of residence. Your Ima is also very very observant. Trust me honey, I know. Not too much will slip past her so maybe you should try to bypass the sneaky phase if you can. Between her watchful eyes and the fact that i've done everything under the sun and know all the tricks in the book...we got you covered.

Hmm, what else? Oh! Please be prepared to have very little free time. Your Ima and I plan on keeping you nice and busy from the time you start walking until you graduate. Between school, sports, some type of creative outlet, church and spending time with family, you will have no time to waste standing idly on street corners. Undoubtedly, you'll be too smart for your own good so we have to keep those mental juices flowing towards something positive. I'm sure your friends will understand because hopefully we'll successfully teach you how to chose them wisely. Speaking of friends, I think your ima and I will be pretty easy going when the time comes when you start having friends over and what not. As long as they don't do too much. Honey we love you but we aren't obligated to let your friends eat us out of house and home on a nightly basis. Unless we're getting stipends from their parents. I'm just sayin.

Ok sweetie, let's briefly deal with dating. For sake of this turning into a four page letter, i'll just say not to expect much to happen before you turn 16. And we put an age on it, but if you hit 16 and you're not mentally prepared and responsible for all that comes along with teenage dating, you won't be dating. Once again, we don't want to shelter you, but you do have to prove yourself trustworthy for us to extend certain privileges to you. In other words, help us help you. If you know you want to go to the movies with little Johnny, or little Erica (you never know), but you know you haven't been keeping up your end of the maturity and responsibility agreement, don't even ask. But if you have been doing what you need to do AND if we've met him or her and he or she isn't on some extra wierdness, go out. Have fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Hold up. Scratch that. Don't do anything I did at all. As a matter of fact, do the exact opposite.

One main thing your ima and I want to get across to you is that you will be a part of a huge, busy world. There's a lot going on. Some good, a lot bad. You're just one little person and you don't have to be pressured into getting involved in every single thing. But you can make a difference in whatever it is you choose to do. And it is your choice. We'll guide you to the best of our abilities and help you make smart decisions, but we won't choose your path for you. You have lots of time and opportunity to grow into a fabulous adult and I can't wait to watch your personality take shape. With us as your I'm sure you're gonna be a trip. In a good way though, of course :-) The world will try to make you conform to this way or that, according to what's "socially acceptable". But we hope to be role models of how to walk/dance/run to your own rhythm and love it.

Last but most definitely not least, please always know that you are loved and cherished beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your ima waited many moons for you and I went through hell and back to get you here so yeah, you're adored. Talk to us when you need to and i'm sure you'll get more than enough feedback. If you ever need or want anything and we can afford it, ask. If we can't afford it and you're old enough, don't worry, you'll have a job. Remember, we might be closer than close, but ima and I aren't perfect and we dont expect you to be either! Mistakes will be made on both ends. The important thing is to learn from them. This journey should be loads of fun & I can't wait to get started. I love you!!

Your mommy

Poetry slams in the White House?

Old bitter racist sittin on his porch "What's next? Bbq chicken bones and watermelon rines littering the lawn! Dammit all to hell"

YES! That's right, poetry slams in the not-so White House. I loves it. Michelle hosted the first ever Poetry event on Tuesday and i'm more than a little pissed that I wasn't in attendance. These people give the White House so much class & flavor it's really not even funny. And look at her! She looks freakin hot. Seriously. With the glossy hair swoop, givin them that sexy side eye. She's looking better and better. Guess that's why she made #93 on Maxim's Hot 100 for 2009. Mmm hmm. Yall better recognize.

This pic is just classic. Joe Biden and Spike Lee. Wut in the hell was this convo about? I need to know.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sex & Relationships! (my favorite topics)

You guys know that I write for the San Francisco Examiner (or at least you should know because i've blogged about it). It's a Sex & Relationships column that i'm very happy to write for. So here's a blogroll of a few of my latest articles. Check them out and feel free to tell me what you think!!

* How NOT to survive a relationship

* For the love of porn

* Is honesty the best policy when it comes to sex?

* Do you own your sexuality?

* Can you wait too long to have sex with someone?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Taking the Stage is over! :-(

Okay so i've already discussed my love for the show here.

And they up and went and ended the damn season! How rude. Anyway, I was sooo happy to see im not the only one who watches the show *waves@ my Taking The Stage friends* Ofcourse I have to blog about last nites show.

Okay so um, Tyler and Malik both performed for Block talent agency. First question is Who the hell is Block Talent Agency? What or who do they cast for? Third question is why did Malik even try out in the 1st place? He has dreams of Broadway & thats where his heart is. He doesnt need to be locked into a hip hop driven talent agency that may or may not be able to utilize his unique and diverse style of dancing. He needs to move to NY and grind it out for a Broadway show, for real. And stop all that damn cryin. (love ya Malik!)

Now Tyler, on the other hand would probably do well with Block (whoever they may be) He's straight up hip hop and doesnt too much cross over into other genres. But now is not his time. Sorry. He needs to finish high school, get all the training he can get and then go out onto the real stage. Im scared if he went out to NY or LA now, he would be back home in 4 months broke, busted and disgusted. He's too immature, head too far up in the clouds and too cocky to be taken seriously. Hes a good dancer and a sweet peron (from wut i can tell) but he has lots to learn and come on now, he needs to at least graduate from school first! Did yall see his mom? She wasnt havin that. "Um yea we'll talk about this at a later time." In other words, boy dont make me embarrass you in front of the cameras. You are stayin your black ass in school until you graduate and thats that.

Mia Mia Mia. Im so over her. Still love her music and her writing skills but damn if she aint a tad bit slow. Now she has [had] the chance to get signed by Jive and move up and on with life, yet she still trippin off Tyler?! Lawd. But whatever, thats neither here nor there since Jive didnt want her anyway. The real tragedy is that she is throwing away a good thing and doesnt even realize it. Aaron is a good guy. He may not be extra attractive, he may not be able to dance like Tyler and he may have gotten kicked outta school (still dont understand that 1) but he's head over heels for Mia. He seems like a really sweet guy and something tells me he would take care of her heart. But do u think that matters to Mia? Hell to the no. She too stuck off pop lock and drop it (aka Tyler) to see the goodness in Aaron. Thats okay. Shes gonna let Tyler hit, expect him to call her the next day to cuddle with her, and when he breaks her heart & runs to the next jump off, who will she be runnin to???? AARON.

I hope he packs his shit and moves far far away so she wont be able to find him. lol.

Moving on...

Jasmine. I started off not too much caring for her. I mean shes a great dancer, but she just seemed a little dittadee to me. [Translation= ditzy] And i was too through when she fumbled that Juliard audition cuz she couldnt get Tyler off the brain. But now that she's gradutaing and about to be up OUT, it seems like shes coming into her own. That last little dance she had with Pop Lock was kinda sweet. [i'm so mad they played Boyz 2 Men End of The Road. What is this 1994?] I think she needed that closure, like she said. Okay its closed. Put the sign on the door and keep it movin. Love dont live here no more. Pack yo shit and hit the road cuz u have bigger and better things to do than Tyler. Personally, I think she should jump all over this Alvin Ailey gig. I mean, who gets that kinda chance? Seriously. Its too bad she didnt get into the Fordham program [what kinda grades was she pullin?! Maybe she needed to spend less time on her tippy toes and more time in a book] but if she throws this chance away and goes to Southern Methodist University in TX, she can kiss it all goodbye. Real talk. Shes gonna get caught up in school, get a job start makin a little bit of $$ and her dreams of dancing will slowly slip away. And wasnt that her dream anyway?? To dance with the Alvin Ailey company? Helllooo! This shouldnt even be up for discussion. I know moving away to a big city like NY all by herself will be scary and take major adjusting, but people do it every day. She has to grind it out. Find that strength and boldness and go for it. I really hope she does cuz this could be just the beginning of great things for our chocolate ballerina :-)

And my final thought of the day: Um...what the hell is Shaakira gonna do with her life? Its like they tossed her out wit yesterdays garbage! She doesnt have any plans? School? Dancing? Acting? Nuthin? Was she even on the show last nite? She is graduating right....right? O lord.
[that smile looks a lil nervous...]

Cant wait for next season!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feelin some kinda way

Im not too sure what my problem is. I've just been kinda [blah] lately. Lately=the past 2 weeks. 4 weeks if u ask my GF. I hate when I get like this tho because its so hard to explain to myself and those around me who have to deal with it. And me being le freak de control, I need to be able to pinpoint precisely what my problem is. That way when someone accuses me of acting like an ass, i can say "well i'm sorry but I've got such & such goin on right now, so i'm gonna be a little off Try me again later." But right now I can't really defend myself cuz i'm not sure what's goin on. Let's check off some symptoms:

Over-emotional- i'm always a cry baby but this is just ridiculous!
Extra sensitive- i'm taking offense to stuff i really shouldnt give two hells about.
Snappy. Even more than usual! Not a good thing.

And no, im not PMSn. Been there done that, its over so dont bring it back 3 weeks sooner than when its suppose to be here, thanks. So what's my diagnosis? I need to know when i'll be snapping out of it & my gf would greatly appreciate it also.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just thinking...randomness as usual

Blogging has become a staple of my writing repetoire. I really enjoy being able to log in and type away to my hearts content about anything. Literally. If I wanted to post about the shitty symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, I could. [I do not have IBS, im jus sayin] If I wanted to start an X-rated pornicopia erotica blog, I could. [Hmm...] The point is, it's great to be able to write and write and write & on occasions get great feedback from people who actually take the time to read my stuff. It's great. That's all I wanted to say.
Check out two of the most adorable babies ever, my Godson Amauri (his 1st bday is on May 7th) and my friends baby whom i love soooooo much, Elijah (his 1st bday was March 15)



Monday, May 4, 2009

A few matters of concern

It's monday and y'all dont even need a warning. Stay tuned for the trickery.

*1st things 1st, I had a nice wkend. The concert went great. We sang rather well from what I was told. I got to meet, chit chat and take pics with Kenny Latimore. (Y'all remember him right?) That man knows he can sing his ass off. Of course he sang his infamous "For You". Video soon to come! Did nothing on Sunday besides wash my hair and ran a few errands. Got a lil sidetracked at the mexican grcery store because...well its a mexican grocery store and my Spanish is dustier than what I wanted to admit. I was like ummmm YO NO SE. But I got it together eventually & left out with my tortillas, pollo de rostizado, y queso :-)

* Now onto to a few other things.

Am I the only grown person besides my GF who watches MTVs Taking the Stage?

I love this freakin show. I love the fact that these kids are working so hard to pursue their dreams of dancing or singing profesionally. (Hell i just figured out what i wanna do with life...kinda) Its set at Nick Lachey's (u know the 90 degrees guy) creative & performing arts highschool in Cincinnati, and it showcases the above 5 students who are all super talented in their own ways.From left to right, Shaakira, Malik, Jasmine, Tyler & Mia. I think all 5 of them are great performers, and Mia is one singin ass white girl who is gonna blow up real soon. Love her voice. So yeah, i'm into this lil show but I have one problem:

Someone needs to tell a few of these kids that shit really need not be so complicated in high school! Yeah, people break up and make up, hook up, lie, cheat steal and everything else in HS but u just deal with it and move the hell on. You're only 18 if that! Trust u have the rest of your life to stress over the bullshit and drama. Jasmine & Tyler lawd hammercy. They're caught up in this overly emotional, awkward "relationship" that has lasted ohhh about 3 months. Tyler went and kissed Mia at some party and Jasmine's life ended. Like literally she hit a brick wall and crumbled. Now this chick wants to be "the first premier ballerina of my generation" (her words) and she's really really good. But then here came slick ass Tyler poppin and lockin all over the place & snatched all her lil focus right on up. She flubbed her Julliard audition cuz her mind was too sidetracked by Tyler's sudden case of Jungle Fever. Come on now. I know I thought I was grown in high school too but i'll be damned if a relationship stopped me from getting into my college of choice! Hell to the no. Good bye Tyler, you cute and all but hun u gots ta go. And Mia...

Now I liked first. She had a mature air about her that gave her that sophisticated artsy vibe, & i told u she can really sing. Kinda like Joss Stone met Norah Jones who turned around and had a baby with Adele. She was cool. But then she let Tyler fuck up her lil world too! WTF? They treatin this boy like he's Chris Brown! Ok kinda harsh. Scratch that. Like he's Usher or sumthin! So now Mia done went and bumped her head on Tyler's nuts (lol) and now she got Jasmine hatin her, Tyler confused as all hell as to who he wants to be with, and all she sayin is that "I didnt really know what I was doin cuz my boyfriend just broke up with me and im so confused and hurt and you know the whole rebound thing..."

Girl boo. You're 17!!!! You better rebound that damn guitar and keep singin so u can get a record contract and get your ass outta Cincinnati! Got no damn time for Tylers fuckery. Get on somewhere. These young girls these days! geez.

Okay movin right along from MTV to BET.

Sundays Best! Love this show too & if any of u are following this contest, you already know the names (From top to bottom)Jessica Reedy, Latice Crawford and Y'anna Crawley. They were the 3 remaining contestants this past Sunday. Now its down to Jessica and Y'anna. Im tellin u, these 3 women are BAD. Latice has that throaty, strong Whitney Houstonesque (before the crack) voice, Y'anna is one of those take you to church, sang u under the pew & then put yo a** to sleep voices, & Jessica...whew lawd. I am so into her vocals. Shes got this craazy range that digs deep inside to the pit of her soul, and such immaculate control....its bananas. This season's competition is fierce and I couldnt be paid enough to have eliminated either of these women. Now that its down to the final 2 tho, imma have to roll with Jessica. I could listen to her all day & nite. Her voice is so sultry and flawlessly silky smooth. I really want her and Latice both to come out to the bay and play Yoshi's. (a jazz club in oakland for those of yall who arent in the know) I would be there front & center, sippin on my two drink minimum purchase. lol. Seriously tho, all 3 of these ladies make me wanna do better. I can sing but mannn i need to work on a few things so i can step my game up. They have really inspired me.

*steppin to the mic* mi mi mi mi miiii

Yeah imma work on that :-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday in a flash!

It seems like these Friday Flash posts are comng quicker and quicker. Definitely a good thing.

* Not only is today Friday but yesterday was pay day!!!

But the money is pretty much already spent so no lap of luxury parties goin on over here. Moving on.

*In other news, this weekend is gonna be hella busy. I've got an event to attend for school with my gf tonite in San Fran, I have a scholarship ceremony tomorrow afternoon, my choir's big concert is tomorrow night, going to an Omar Tyree workshop/book signing on Sunday and I have to go shopping for my godsons bday. I already need a drink.

* I also need another vacation to go along with that drink.

* Its gonna rain tonight. Im okay with it seeing as after May it's gonna feel like the pits of hell for the next 4 months.

* I haven't worked on writing my book or on any poetry in a long time and it's starting to eat away at me. This sucks. Writer's block is a bitch & i hate it.

* I'm ready to move on to the next phase of my life. Unfortunately i'm pretty sure I have at least 3 more yrs to go.

* Im wondering why my other blog has less followers but averages way more comments than this one?? Hmmmm....

I think that's about it. You know i'll come back if there's more.