Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mid Year 2011 Report Card

So if you're caught up on any of my posts from last year, especially right around the end of the year, you already know how I felt about 2010...and the end of 2009 for that matter. Both years sucked ass hard. Life basically karate chopped me in my neck and said deal with it b!&*#. Yeah. Basically. I don't even feel like getting into why I wish to burn those memories from my mind, but just know that I do. *sigh*... pray for me y'all.

NOW...let's talk about 2011. It's the end of May and today I started pondering how this year has worked for me. Not neglecting the fact that I coulda pretty much been struck by lightening this year and I still wouldn't hate it as much as I hated last year *shrug*, so keeping that in mind...2011 has made me fairly happy.

:) <<<<------- A SMILE! *gasp!*

I still have a pile up of emotional baggage that I'm struggling to unpack and a few complicated decisions to make but in comparison to 2009/10... I am not going to offer a single complaint about 2011. I was blessed to graduate with my B.A from Mills College last weekend [go me!] and got accepted into my grad school program of choice. I'm pretty proud of those accomplishments. But I think what has truly set this year on a upswing for me is the state of my relationships with people. I've been cultivating a few friendships that really have meaning to me and that makes me happy. I've been neglecting friendship as a whole for YEARS and I never really took time to realize how that was effecting me. Taking steps to strengthen friendship bonds feels good and I'm gonna try my hardest to keep it going. Also, the most important relationship in my life seems to be attempting to slowly unravel itself from the knot of bleh it has been stuck in for way too long. It's not perfect, far from it, but i can feel it doing something good, and that means more than the world to me.

2011, if you continue down this path I will owe and provide quite the stunning end of yr review in 7 months!! <3

Mid yr grade: B-

Sunday, May 1, 2011

14 days and counting!!!

Until i graduate from Mills College :) Excited isn't even the word. It has been such a long time coming. Oh and I also got accepted into their graduate program so i'll be doin this graduation thing one more time in 2013 with my master's in English. Yay!!!