Friday, February 29, 2008

So who won the Oscar, Obama or Clinton??

"Nothing puts a smile on the lips or a lift in the footsteps of reporters and pundits like a story brimming with big names, powerful people, Hollywood glitter and some major feuding," Clarence Page [ Syndicated Columnist ]

Exactly. This 08 primary election cycle has been more dramatic than ANYthing u can find on Lifetime. So who would take the cake in a Oscar Category for Most Dramatic Candidate?

Key Questions to ponder:

*Who has done the most whining?
*Who has done the most yelling?
*Who has done the most subtle lying? (lol)
*Who has given the cameras their most "classic" shots?

Judge for yourself

No words in the English dictionary can properly explain this look.

Ohhhhh the drama

Dr Seuss???...Is that you?

I call this one his "To Kill A Mockingbird" look. Kinda reminds me of a black Atticus Finch. lol.

Damn! That bad huh??

Really Barack?? Woww. Feelin yourself a lil, huh?

"Heyyy how did THAT get down there!??"

What the f&^* ?? Okay, so i'm not tryin to be biased but there aren't that many bad pics of Obama out there. Obviously. Which is why people feel the need to do bad photoshop jobs.

Okay so i don't condone calling the woman a bitch so please forget the caption, but LOOK at that little girls face!!!!! lmaooooooo

So he's been a ham since birth.

HOLD UP now! U betta work it girl! lol (seriously tho)

"If you even THINK about seating those Florida delegates...." caption needed

Oooo deep, Barack, deep. He's summoning his inner Denzel

"I thought I told u to sit yo ass down"

A little pillow talk later??? (eww)

LMFAOOO (omg i can't breathe!)

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  1. LMFAO!!! I loved that "black Atticus Finch" comment!


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