Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Since when does Hillary speak for ALL women?

I never asked for her assistance on my behalf. Not one time. And I have a good reason for that.


There's an article HEREthat suggests women are defending Hillary because

"she speaks for all women and should stay in the Democratic primary race to the bitter end."

This frame of thinking defies a large portion of logic for me.

Another significantly smaller portion of me can understand that yes, Hillary's campaign is extremely important and historic for a plethora of reasons. But this acknowledgment has been greatly tainted by the fact that her campaign has royally sucked...also for a plethora of reasons.

Now i'm not touting a tough feminist banner here or anything. But i'm not naive either. I know our struggle and I am fully aware of the societal issues that have caused severely disproportioned power & privilege to befall on the non-fairer sex, leaving women behind with a 90 degree uphill climb. I know the issues because i've lived through some of them, my mother has fought through many of them and my grandmother made it one of her points in life to tell me all of the strife she went through due to her gender. And i'm sorry to tell anyone who thinks so, but Barack Obama's presidential candidacy ain't one of these issues.

His bid has not in ANY form halted the woman's movement. If anything, it has strengthened it. Due to this primary season, I believe there are many women who now realize there are certain attributes WE DO NOT NEED NOR WANT in order to get ahead in the game. No disrespect to Senator Clinton, I know she has fought for many noble causes. I hope she continues to take such a strong stand. But as a woman who has never grown complacent in my own social/career/academic status, I know it's possible to make your point without lying, manipulating, scapegoating, finger-pointing, denying and race-baiting (or allowing others to do it for you).

Therefore, I take great offense to statements such as Hillary Clinton Speaks for ALL Women. I have my own voice. And I know it does not have to pattern after a certain candidate SOLELY because she's a woman also. That has never been the cause for women pioneers to fight for other causes.

Women should have the right to vote because we're women!
Women should be able to serve in the military because we're women!
Women should be able to attend any university of our choice because we're women!
Women should be able to start & run businesses because we're women!
Women should vote for Hillary because she's a woman!

Wrong. And stupid.

Women should be able to do all of the above and then some because we are equipped with the knowledge, the skills, the common sense, the integrity, the strength, the RIGHT JUDGEMENT, and the strong sense of character to get the job done.

I want a president who rides higher than gender, color or age. I will not place my vote for anyone on either of these characteristics. And I reject and denounce any woman who attempts to make me feel like a traitor simply because I have found my hope in Barack Obama.


  1. Well written! I am so glad to find that I am not alone. I wanted so much to see HC president at the beginning of the race because I wanted to see a woman president and the qualities I thought that only a woman could bring to the office. Instead I found myself one of the precinct captains for the Obama campaign in my state because he is the one who embraces the attitudes that I wanted to find in HC. I am white, so the discrimination I have faced has been gender based, but it has been blatent. I was told that my younger, less experienced, less senior and less qualified male co-worker needed a raise (he made 12K more than I did) because he was supporting a family, even though I was the bread-winner in my family. I am older. I am a white woman. People assume I am for HC and are surprised (and disappointed) that I am most definately not. I believe in Barack Obama. I have researched his positions, followed his speeches, read both his books and I feel that I know who he is and where he stands. He has consistently been an honorable and admirable candidate. I would be embarrassed to be a Clinton supporter at this point. She has been mean, dirty, and her rhetoric has danced on the line between acceptable and unacceptable language. I believe her whole arguement is code for "America is too racist to elect Obama. Not me. No certainly not me. But...you know..."

  2. I read your bit on DK. I've been booted from there, so cannot respond to your piece.

    I did enjoy your piece. I hope that more and more Hillary supporters, male or female, can find the Democratic common ground in both fine candidates, and will not go nuts and support McCain, who is a repulsive toad (issue-wise).

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