Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just something I needed to read

I borrowed these lyrics from one of my new favorite blogs, My Affinity. I wont comment on the situation right now because...well I really can't. Im struggling to keep it all together and Joss Stone always seems to get it right...

♫ I'll be alright and I'm gonna love again. My wounds will mend...I'm bruised but not broken.... and the pain will fade, I'll get back on my feet. It's not the end of me...my heart is still open...bruised but not broken...♫ -Joss Stone-


  1. Time heals. I know people hate to hear this when they're going through it, but its the one thing that keeps me sane and strong during the difficult times. Whatever it is, you got this. I hope everything works out for the best.


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