Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Monday!!! & all that jazz =-)

Good morning! Wow when's the last time i blogged at 8 sumthin in the morning on a Monday and was HAPPY about it? Um..try not neva! Ohh but what a difference a vacay makes in a person's life. I haven't done anything in the form of work or school over the past week and it makes me SMILE. I really needed this time off. My schedule is always packed tight as hell so for me to just be...i'm lovin it. Unfortunately it all comes to a screeching halt as of this Wednesday. School starts back and I'll be up and out bright n early. I'm excited about it though so I won't complain!

What else, what else??

OH! I have a Hair Tales post to do sometime today hopefully as soon as I take pics of my hair. Other than that, i've been havin such a chil week, I dont have much more to run my mouth about! *gasp!*

Ehh. I'm sure all will be back to normal soon and i'll have lots of random chaos to dish out. Until then love bunnies!!!

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