Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm a blessed woman

Ok so I know i'm not gonna make it through this post without crying because 1, i'm a powder puff cry baby punk and 2, i'm just so unbelievably happy right now!! But I purposely did not wear any make up today cuz I already knew what the deal was.

Anywho, if u don't follow me on Twitter [how dare u!!!? It's] you may not know that today is my last day as a full time employee at my current job. It's a good job. Good $. Decent atmosphere although this past month has made me want to throw a few people off the Golden Gate bridge. [no psycho] I was very blessed to have gotten the position 3 yrs ago with very little experience in the field. And now I feel continuous blessings for making my exit and moving on to bigger & better things. It will be a HUGE adjustment phase for me over the next few months as I have grown accustomed to having a little change in my pockets. But when I have a school like Mills College basically paying my way not gonna pass that up to stay at a 9 to 5 that will never ever pay me the kind of $$$ i know i can make with degrees under my belt.

God has opened all sorts of doors, windows, avenues and freeways for me and i've chosen to run full speed ahead, with his guidance, of course.

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity & even though i'm still a little nervous about things, i'm ready!!!


  1. I hear ya hun. Education takes you so much further, and the connections are endless. Congrats on making the right decision and best of luck to you this semester and beyond!

  2. Good luck, with all your future endeavors.


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