Monday, August 3, 2009


Looks like Shakira is tryin to tell Bey that she isn't the only chick with curves who can pop her ass, sling her yoni around a dance floor and hip roll. And um...i'd like to say that this woman is HOT. H O T. U hear me?? But i'd rather listen to this song on mute. Video only please =-)
Im jus sayin.


  1. This was pretty good. Is she losin weight tho?

  2. Lol. I dnt know about the weight thing. She does look a tad bit slimmer. So who looks better caged?? Shakira or Ciara??

  3. FINALLY remembered to come back and watch this!

    And, ummm, yeah, I agree. Well, at least about the making sure it's MUTED part. LOL


  4. I barely understand a word she sings, but Bitch is on this video.

    imo she can move better than B. Always has.

  5. Is this the Shewolf song? *can't listen now since I'm at my internship* Her voice annoys me cause she mixes the pop voice with the old lady voice. More power to the mute!


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