Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday in a flash!

Whew damn am I being a slacker or what?! I haven't Friday Flashed since July 3rd. lmao! I have good cause though. Work, school & creative ventures have kept my mind hemmed up, so don't hang me, ok? So before I leave work today, I thought I'd Friday Flash for you really quick.

Ready, Set, GO!

* Cosmic Bowling tonite! Woooooooooooo! 11:30-1:30. Good music, great company, liquor and my wack ass bowling skills!! FUN TIMES ahead!

* TLOML has her 1st meeting tomorrow with the lesbian greeting card co. she's gonna be modeling for. I'm such a proud girlfriend =-)

* And then after that above-mentioned mtg, WE are having a date nite! Actually a date day. Movies, dinner, shopping, wutever else we can get ourselves into. And today was payday too...HELL YEAH!!

*Speaking of PAY DAY. Let me not get too excited about it cuz the funds are already spoken for. lol.

*Been watching True Blood like my life depends on it. "im here fa sookie" LOVE that show! Big thanks to Denae's family for keeping me well-fed and caught up with the show, cuz I dont have HBO.

* July is over? Really? *sigh* My favorite month (my bday month) has come and gone like Joe Turner. (google it u illiterate sons of... :) But August will prove to be quite the adventure seeing as how i'll be making that transition to PT employee FT student. *prayers,blessing & good vibes coming my way please!!!!*

*I really wanna relax my hair :( Lord be some soothing salve for my itchy scalp

* Elijah?? Hm?

*lol. TLOML gets the above flash.

*I miss Michael.

*Joe Jackson can kiss my big bubbly caramel ass.

*Janet can too =-) but she can enjoy it.

*Unveiled my online magazine for women of color writers and i must say i'm proud!! Check it out!

* and i am GONE!!!

Enjoy the weekend yall!!!

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