Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial In pictures/video

I'm not going to say much because I feel like my heart is bare right now and i'll probably go on and on talking about the many times during this memorial service where I broke down. So i'll give it to you in beautiful pictures and very few phrases here & there. Just know that it was the classiest, most heartfelt, goodbye ever. Thank you to the Jackson family for sharing this moment with us.

The processional...it was very hard to watch.

MJ will be buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery...I will be visiting sometime in the very near future.

Queen La read a beautiful poem from the best Poetess ever, Dr. Maya Angelou. Brought the first round of tears to my eyes.

Brooke Shields truly spoke from her heart.

A very prego J-Hud sang the Free Willy song...she almost got me.

Ohhh but when Stevie sang Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer, I was through. He was magnificent.

Usher poor baby, bless his heart. He was overfilled with emotion. Had me all teared up.

Jermaine did a touching tribute. He held it together. Barely. But he did it.

All of the brothers were pall bearers. Touched my soul. And they were all wearing sequined gloves!

Beautiful gold casket. I can't believe he's in there though. It has not sunk all the way in yet.

At the end, the family came on stage and Marlon spoke for awhile. He broke down. Very, very sad. Janet was looking great. Heartbroken but strong. Im so worried about her.

And the moment that completely did me in was when Paris, Michael's oldest daughter, tried to speak and all she could get out was that he was the best daddy and she just wanted to say that she loved him...before dissolving into tears...omg. I was through. A mess.

This is a sad day for me and for so many others, but like I told tloml, we gotta look at MJ's life in retrospect and realize that he busted his ass to make it to the top. He IS the American Dream and yes it's very possible. His life wasn't perfect and he died way too soon, but he built a legacy through his blood, sweat and tears and whatever it is that we hope and dream for, we gotta be willing to work hard for it. Time is of the essence so we gotta make life count ASAP.

RIP Michael Joseph Jackson. The world has stopped in it's tracks for you over the past week and you deserved this kind of treatment BEFORE you were taken away....


  1. I don't cry. This memorial did bring me close to that point many times. Especially the end with Paris, that broke so many hearts!

    We love you Michael!

  2. I think it took the casket for it to sink in for me. Paris' speaking was moving as well.


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