Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Randomness just because

So if u havent read in between any of my cleverly transparent lines in the last week or 3 of posts, i've got lots going on here in my world of beautiful chaos. Let's discuss, shall we?

My job
*sigh* actually make that a *double sigh* . In pursuit of an excellent education at Mills College, I must forego my nice & comfy paycheck that I have grown quite accustomed to over the past 3 years. I currently work 8 hrs a day, 5days a week, from 730-430. That doesnt mesh so well with the full courseload of classes that I need to take in order to graduate in 2 years. I've been doing school part time since 07 and I just cant do it anymore! I need to knock these 4 semesters out and snatch my degree and RUN. So something has to give. That something will be my: $50 monthly nailart expenditures, weekend movie runs, frequent eat-outings, random trips to ATL or anywhere else, electronic gadgets (but oh how i want an Ipod Touch), 85.00 hair appntmnts (those have been on the outs anyway), monthly hair product/makeup hauls, wkend trips in San Fran and the list goes on. Have you seen my life?? Oh yeah, i just tossed it out the window right along with my PAYCHECK! *quadruple sigh* So yeah, I gotta let it all go and cut back to working part time. Only now it looks like I wont even get part time hours with this new position i'm being offered. 12 damn hrs a week. That will cover my portion of RENT and just barely. I'm on pins & needles here, trying not to stress too much. But it's so hard. I'm just trying to keep in mind that i've been blessed with the opportunity to go to school and not pay a dime outta my own pockets, so that is keeping me uplifted. Now I just gotta scrounge the $$$ to pay a few of those little irrelevant things called B I LL S! If anyone knows of any legit work at home/online jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with filling out surveys for 2 cents, please hip me to it. Thanks.

My writing
I am a writer, if u haven't picked up on that. It's what I do in one form or another. Blogging, poetry, fiction, etc. Words and myself get along very well. But there's a problem, I have a slight tendency to start something...and it will be a really great something...and then I drop it like it's hot. (and not in a good way) I havent finished a body of work in so long it's shameful. I blame some of it on my brain being drained from all of the academic writing I have to do for school (Im an English major), the rest I blame on my sucky attention span. With the passing of my 26th bday (on July 10th),I acknowledge that I am not getting any younger. I will be 30 soon. Lawd be some good anti-aging genes & a potent memory stimulator! I need to make my published mark on the literary word before 2013. So I announce it here today at 12:12 pm, Chanel will finish a book and get it published & selling like hotcakes before I hit the big 3-0. I will do it. I need to tape up pictures of Oprah's Book Club logo, Michelle Obama and Michael Jackson as my motivations. *note to self* So y'all watch out for me okay?? And dont be afraid to ask me how the writing is coming along every now & then. I'll need the stimulant.

My website
So I purchased a web domain and a host for my site. I even started tinkering with it a bit. But then I realized that while my knowledge of html once pushed the limits of fly creativity on powderpuff userfriendly sites such as MySpace, Blackplanet and Downelink... in the real world of web designing, I SUCK ASS. smh. Blessings and bday gifts go out to webmasters who do this stuff for a living. It's beyond complicated. I'm willing and ready to admit that I need some help and quick! Before I completely hand it over to a pro (money i don't have cuz um, well u read my job situation) i'm gonna make one more stab at it after I buy a copy of Web Site Building for Super Dummies. I plan on making that purchase this Sunday. This is not a game. lol. I'd love to have my website up and running by the end of august. Keep your fingers crossed and positive vibes flowin freely cuz rite now it aint lookin so hot!!

So yeah. Got a lotta fricka frack goin on, but i'll sort it out and keep it movin cuz that's what I do!


  1. having not realized you are so delightful I found this an utter treat. Sorry about your loss i.e. nail art etc... I'll mourn with you and celebrate upon your momentous occasion. Carry on, madam!
    ~your just as delightful friend,
    Olive (^_~)

  2. LOL at this post. Oprah's book club logo, Michelle Obama and MJ as motivations. You can do it. I know I procrastinate all the time.

    It took me a while to do my site...but then again I really wanted to do it myself. It also didn't hurt that I had photoshop and firebug to work with.

  3. I didn't know you were an English major too! Girl I feel you. I cannot finish something great for the life of me. I'm actually going to be in a group poetry book, so hopefully you can save up some shillings for that lol.


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