Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday in a flash!

I've been missing in action this week for a few reasons. 1 i'm still shaken from Michael's death. My mind is all over the place and I can't really nail down any soild thoughts right now. And 2 I haven't been at work for most of this week and my gf has been on the computer at home most of the day doing hmwork so I havent really had an opportunity to post. But im here now and it's friday so I mite as well give it a try!

* Sarah Palin announced that she's stepping down from her position as Russian Gate Keeper Governor of Alaska today. I wonder who will be in charge of planning the month long Alaskan festivites once she's finally gone? Russia can now breathe a little easier cuz the little American pitbull in a skirt will no longer bother to look out of her window every other hour to make sure they're behaving themselves. Gee golly dontcha kno

* This week doesnt even feel real to me. I kinda feel like im floating, dreaming, in some pseudo-reality. And im not drunk. lol. Its just wierd.

* Al Sharpton is a mess. Did anyone see the pics of him at the memorial held for Michael in Harlem?? Grindin up on that woman like he was in a 1930's Mississipi juke joint. Sat down somewhere Al. And eat something. You're shriveling away!

* Janet Jackson broke my heart at the BET Awards. ;-( As if it needed to be broken any further...

*Speaking of the BET awards...lmao. BET should cancel itself. Immediately. From Tiny & Toya to that other new Pay Yo Bills Off game show...just a hot ass mess.

* Oh and speaking of Tiny. Why does it look like someone injected her top lip with steroids? Only the top lip though. Its all swolt up (yes I said swolt) and sits kinda crooked on her face. Geesh. TI should win a grammy just for waking up to that face on a normal basis. Once would do it for me.

*Saw Transformers last wkend. It was excellent. Kinda lengthy, but good. Megan Fox is hot.

*Goin to see My Sister's Keeper tonite. Im prepared to cry like a punk.

*Oh did I happen to mention that i'll probably be leaving my nice lil full time w/full benefits w/ a nice paycheck job for a less than part time, less than sufficient NO benefits at all job? Hmmm. More info on that move in another post.

* I'm working on my very own website :-) More info on that soon to come also.

* I'll leave on this note. For someone who was so over-speculated, Michael Jackson was severely overlooked. The people around him saw that man being destroyed. I'll stop short from saying that he was self-destructing because he most definitely had help. As society publicly ate away at him, his family and the few people who had direct access to him never stood up for him and offered solace in the midst of what had to be the most painful turmoil to endure. Piranhas have been after Michael since he first step foot on a stage, and not only were they drawing blood, they shared his. Family. The word is only as powerful as the meaning you give it.
I always wished that some nice, old grandmother would some kinda way find Michael and convince him to let her take care of him for a few months. Feed him, soothe his soul, pray for him, listen to him, wisely advise him, let him cry his heart out. That is what he needed. If he had that, I guarantee he would be alive and well today basking in his newfound glory. But it never happened. And we have lost the greatest talent this side of heaven and possibly on the other side as well. God is enjoying him now though. Moonwalk & all. I'll find my comfort in that.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend everyone.

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  1. im ignoring the Sarah palin reference cuz I hate that skank.

    AL sharpton needs to disappear...and he can take Jessie with him

    Janet broke my heart as could feel her pain...unlikes Joe Jackson who was msilin his ass off and going around doin interview after interview about it. Sit your ass down and mourn!!! I really don't like Joe and his droopy skin lookin ass.

    Chanel were you expecting more from the BET awards or matter a fact, BET? the network is a hot ass mess. They don't show blacks in a positive light (unlike our show Taking the Stage) and that Tiny/Toya mess just deserves a "SMDH".

    BET is wack and the awards was the first time I watched it in YEARS!! Bring Aj and Free back!!!

    It is still shocking that MJ died, but I am on an MJ overload. Non freakin stop...its a lil too much for me now.


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