Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Excuse my usage of caps lock in the title [yes I am yelling] but I am so set on edge right now, its not even funny. Im sure everyone, or at least everyone in California has heard of Sandra Cantu, the 8 yr old little girl who went missing on March 27. Of course her parents have been frantic, pleading for help, getting little to no sleep, worrying their asses off about their little girl. My prayers have been with them since the story first broke.

Yesterday, a couple of workers found a large black suitcase tossed in a dairy farm pond and reported it to the police. My stomach dropped as soon as I saw footage of the suitcase washed up along the side of that pond. My heart held hope that she was not inside of it. My brain knew the inevitable. I awoke this morning to find out that Sandra Cantu's body was indeed in that suitcase. I can only imagine what her parents woke up to. My prayers will continue to be with them and I ache for what they are going through.

But that does not stop me from being mad as hell.

Question: Why in the f*ck was this 8 year old girl wandering around a damn trailer park all by her lonesome? Im sorry but hell to the no. I dont care if its a trailer park or freakin Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills. No. Parents give their kids too much freedom nowadays. Back in 1991 (when I was 8) there was no way my mom was gonna let me walk to my friends house alone, then leave that friends house by myself and walk to another friends house. If i even suggested it, she woulda snatched me up so quick I woulda swore the end of the world was near. My parents didn't play that. If I wanted to go play with friends and if they knew and trusted the family they got up and saw that I made it somewhere safely. There was no hopping from house to house as I saw fit. You see im still alive and well today. When did 8 years old become old enough to run the streets? Sorry, but unless you're old enough to own a drivers license (or pay for bus fare), you will not transport yourself anywhere. And even if you do have a license, you will probably be driving MY car, and you best believe you will be telling me where you are going before you get there or you might as well stay there cuz when you get back home within my grasp.....

i'll leave it at that.

Im just sayin, parents need to step it up. Stop acting like we live in Paradise. Recognize that this is one evil, despicable, harsh, twisted, fucked up society we live in and that at any given moment, there can be someone watching and waiting for you to slack on your DUTY as a parent and that one time you let little adorable Maria walk around the block to her best friends house by herself, that could be the one time she is snatched up and never to be seen again.

Verdict on this: If you don't have the time or the desire to properly watch and protect your kids, do not have them.

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