Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes size does matter!

That's like the question of the decade. Does size matter? Well i'm here to emphatically yell from the top of my lungs YES SIZE MATTERS DEARLY!

Now that I have your attention, let me inform you that I am not talking about, nor do I have any remote interest in penis size. Hope that's not what you were looking for :-) But what I am referring to is body shape. More specifically the female body. As we all know, our society is obsessed with shape and size. The general standard is the smaller/leaner/toner a woman is, the more beautiful she is. Now i'm not one to burst somebodies bony bubble (ha) but that shit is for the birds. Sorry. I like substance and density. Hips, thighs, ass, curves galore is the most outwardly beautiful thing a woman can possess. We were not made to be a size negative 3. So why do so many women try so hard to hit that mark? I just gotta say somethin about this one rite here.

Kim Kardashian is the it girl right now for many reasons, albeit I can only name one. She's a cute girl. (Her sister Khloe is cuter) No one in their right mind would say Kim was fat. So why does she feel as if she has to defend her body type every other day? A few days ago she responded to some US magazine ad that connected her to the Forever 21 plus size clothing line. It must have severely offended her cuz she ranted and raved "I am a size 2, not a 2XL!. I don't shop plus size anything & never will. " Lol. Ok. 1st off, she's a size 2 lie. Not with those hips honey. Now I can understand not wanting to be labeled something you obviously arent. But come on now. Who really thinks Kim K is plus size??? My whole thing is, what does that message say to women who do wear 2XL? Girls who look up to her and other celebrities, unfortunately take everything that these "idols" say to heart and when it sounds as if you're disgusted by anything plus size...not a good look at all.

We gotta stop this obsession with being skinny. It's destructive to women and more importantly, young girls who are still forming their own self-esteem and image. I understand the need to be HEALTHY. That's a whole different thing. But you can be 115 pounds and still be the most unhealthy person in the world. So yes size matters, but put more importance on feeling comfortable, beautiful, sexy, confident and healthy at whatever size and shape you are.

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