Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our First Lady gets it from her mama

Yes, more Obama swag

Behind [most] strong women, there is a strong[er] mother. I say most because not all mother's are deserving of the mommy title (meaning some should have been on higher doses of birth control pills). But from what I know about her, Michelle Obama gets her brains, beauty and everything in between from her mama, Ms. Marian Robinson. Together they grace the cover of Essence, May issue. Check out what the article is about. Raising smart & confident kids, strong marriages and future plans. All things the younger generation [me & my cohorts] need to be begging for advice on & the amount of knowledge between these two women has to be phenomenal. Yet another mag i'll be purchasing.


  1. wow, her mom is so classy and beautiful just like she is.

  2. Great insight and love your words about the younger generation begging for advice. So true. We need strong women to raise strong women.

  3. I could not wait to get this issue. I may frame it.


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