Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday in a flash

* It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday!!

* The other days of the week (minus Saturday) should feel like outcasts because NO other day puts a smile on my face like Friday. I swear it's like Christmas to a 5 year old.

* No big plans for tonight. Actually i'll be doing homework and studying for two midterms next week so it might as well be any other day of the week. But it's not, it's FRIDAY!! :-)

* Tomorrow (my other favorite day) i'll be up at the butt crack of dawn (which should be illegal on Saturdays) to go to an orientation/open house at San Francisco State University with my baby. She really wants to transfer there next year so we're gonna go check some things out and make sure the campus is worthy of her.

* I still wanna see Haunting in Connecticut, and Knowing, and Taken. Hopefully I can fit movie time in Saturday or Sunday night.

* Sunday will consist of absolutely nothing besides washing my hair and being a lazy ass bum on my couch with some hot cheetos and pink lemonade. Best plans ever.

* This week went by kinda fast.

* But not fast enough.

* I better stop complaining before i'm 75 and pleading for time to sloooowwwww down for my old wrinkled ass.

* I want some ice cream. Strawberry Haagen Daz please. Thanks.

* My anniversary was great. Now working on year 5. Im bankin on it being a really good year.

*The scholarship interview I Friday Flashed about last weekend went well. I'll know the outcome in about a week or 2. Fingers crossed, prayers pouring out like H20.

* I'm already clock-watching and its only 8:43am. [sigh] But it's okay. It's FRIDAY!!!

*And that's my Friday in a flash. Have a great weekend everyone.

Throwback pic from High school. Mannn you couldn't tell me jack squat back then. Of course me bein me now, I could tell myself back then A LOT. Ahhh it feels like only yesterday when I was young & stupid.


  1. Girl you looked GREAT in high school. I didn't have a clue back then.

    Well... I still don't. LOL

  2. lol Tina. Thanks. I had half a clue. I like to think I have a whole clue now but [lookin down at my wrinkled shirt and my makeup less face topped off with my sloppy bun] maybe i don't.

  3. U look much better now...wit all them damn ASSets that u didn't fully have yet

  4. Aww what a cute picture.

    And what I wouldn't give for some hot cheetos...


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