Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday in a flash!

It's Fridayyy, It's Friiiidayyyyyyyy, It's Frrriiiiiiiidaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

When I tell you this has been 1 of the longest weeks of my life, just trust me. Im just happy i made it through this 1st week after my beautiful vacation that I miss so much....

Anywho, lets see here.

*Goin to the movies tomorrow to see two movies, One is probably destined for Oscar greatness, the other probably should have went straight to DVD but oh well. I'll let you decide which is which.

* Might check out some spoken word poetry in Oakland by Staceyann Chin (from Def Jam poety) if I feel like payin for a BART ticket.

* I'm having a love affair with my hair right now :-) I've become hair obsessed in my journey towards reaching mid-back length and I must say I like it!

* Don't know what to cook for dinner tonite that can top my new creation of mexican lasagna last night.

* After watching the season finale of Making the Band last night, let me reiterate that I can not stand Diddy or his teeth.

* After watching the finale of For the Love of Ray J earlier in the week, let me reiterate that Ray J and Cockatoo will last the duration of the summer and then she'll be back to flashin her boobs on the streets of Sacramento and he'll be back to smashin Danger and releasing lame hoebag singles.

* I need to clean my apartment. I'd rather deep condition my hair.

* I want a new tattoo so bad im tempted to do it myself.

* My bday is in 77 days and i'm none too excited. I feel so old. In 4 years i'll be 30. Life is over.

* I want some tequila. Patron please.

* Im mailing off my 300.00 check to Mills college this wkend. It's suppose to reserve my spot for Fall semester and be applied to my student account. My bank account is in serious denial.

* Speaking of money for college. I dont have enough. Im suppose to be working on another scholarship app right now but instead im posting this. No wonder I dont have enough $$$. lol. I'll get it done. Blah.

* Life is one big hot mess of drama but it's also a precious commodity that needs to be handled with sensitivity, common sense and self-control . One day i'll master the precarious balancing act... I hope

And that's my Friday in a flash. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Girrrllll,
    You don't even are my tidbits of advice

    *Go see Staceyann Chin (met her last night she's bad ass!)
    *Mexican Lasagna? I want the recipie
    *Don't 'do it yourself' Tattoo...please
    *I'm 31, life isn't so bad at 31 ;)
    *Let's break out that bottle of Patron! It's FRIIIIIIDAYYYYY

    Hope you have a great weekend my dear!


  2. Alrighty then Fab im gonna have to dish out the 8 dollars for a BART ticket and make that trip to go see Staceyann.
    "Mexican" lasagna really isnt lasagna and it really isnt all that Mexican. lmao. But its good as hell. You need- 1 8oz. can of Pillsbury Crescent dinner rolls, 1lb of ground beef or ground turkey (i use the ground turkey), shredded chz, sour crm, chopped black olives,chopped onions, salsa, and corn chips. And one 8-9 inch pie pan. While you brown the meat with the onions (add in a few table sppons of salsa to the meat once its browned), press the crescent triangles into the pie pan as if it were a pie crust. Lightly crush about a cup full of corn chips (not into itty bitty pieces) and spread half a cup on top of the dough. Add a layer of meat on top of the cornchips. Next spread a layer of sour crm on top of the meat. Sprinkle cheese generously. add sliced olives. Add another layer of meat and a few more olives. Top with the remaining corn chips and sprinkle more cheese. Bake in oven for approx 25 mins (check to make sure the crescent crust doesnt burn)Once its done, serve immediately! lol.

    And as far as the Patron goes...lets GO!!

  3. Thanks Can't wait to make it (after I stop low carbing for the next 20 days till my boo gets here...) lol


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