Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday jackass award goes to....

whoever was responsible for pressing the send button that sent a YOU'RE IN! email to 29,000 applicants who were desperately trying to get into the University of San Diego. Why is this such a bad thing? Because the 29,000 students who were sent the YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED! email...really weren't.
I know how it is to bust your ass filling out 15 page applications, requesting transcripts and test scores, hunting after people to give good recommendations, applying for financial aid, writing 4452345 personal essays all for that one letter from that one college that you've been dreaming of telling you that your blood sweat and tears has not been in vain because guess what... YOU'RE IN! I know how it is. So to get that notification and bask in the shining moment and then an hour later have it taken back like "ooops we made a mistake. That email was for someone else"....hell to the no. You best believe I would be in someone's classroom on the 1st day of school like um yes I was sent an acceptance letter BEFORE i got my rejection letter so im rollin with the first decision, thank you. Carry on with class please.
Dumb asses. UCSD should be beyond that. I understand things happen, but thats 29,000 people whose hearts just got stomped on because of an error. And then all they get was a second email taking it all back?! Rude. Just rude.


  1. i heard bout this!

    sucks major ass for errrbody who got the mistake letter.

  2. Tina thats what i was thinking, that someone thought it might be a cool lil april fool joke but that ish isnt funny!

    Laur, i know right. It does suck in the worst way.

  3. probab;y the worst type of april fools joke. Yea...that really sucks.

  4. This is hella rude! I woulda still been showin up. Lol! WTF! I think they did it on purpose personally.


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