Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie reviews & other random stuff

It's Monday. (Boooooooo) Y'all know im never up to par on mondays so work with me here. I went to see The Soloist and Obsessed on Saturday. Here are my thoughts. Don't worry I wont spoil anything for you if u havent seen them.

The Soloist. Grade: A-. Love Jamie Foxx. He's amazing. He definitely was not his normal dapper looking self, but um..i can excuse the balding jerri curl in exchange for a spectacular performance. I'm also happy that Robert Downey Jr has finally gotten his shit together enough to start making good movies again. His drug use and now sobriety has made him such a gritty and genuine talent. Like it took for him to go through hell and back to really come into his own as an actor. Both were great. I gave it the minus after the A only cuz the end seemed a lil abrupt to me. I just wanted more.

Obsessed. Grade: C+. Okay so i'll say it. The only thing saving this movie was the fight scene at the end, Bey's clothes (love the little black dress she wore out to dinner with hubby), and the sheer comedy of it all. Who knew a movie about a psycho stalker bitch creating drama for a young family could be so hillarious? I swear there were moments in that movie where I almost had tears in my eyes I laughed so hard. I dont think it was meant to be funny at all but between Bey's "acting", Idris jus being plain stupid and the skinny white chick really believing Idris would leave Beyonce for HER...lollll. Yeah I would see it again. And I would be sneaking into it again too cuz im not payin for it. Now I will go a lil easy on Ms Knowles and give her props on coming a loooong way from playing Foxy Brown on that stupid ass Austin Powers movie. She had her moments in this movie where she showed some decent acting abilities. A tad bit overdone, but eh. Ill get what I can take.

Other than that, I did nothing. My wkend was fairly unimpressive. A little depressing actually. But im not even gonna get all into that right now. Its a new week and i can't wait until Friday!


  1. I am SO ready to see The Soloist. Jammie Foxx= a good show in my book.
    Hmmm....My BF wanted badly to go see Obsessed. I wasn't really that excited so I kind of held it off on purpose. Poor Beyonce's acting looked bad even in the commercials.
    Thanks for the review =)

  2. i've heard the Soloist does a great job raising awareness about those who are homeless who might also happen to be mentally unstable; still don't know if i'll get to this while it's still in the theaters

  3. Hey if you go to you can watch these movies for free and more. I'm so not a fan of Bey, but hey I'd go on there just to watch her and laugh.

    They even show most of the tv shows that come on there also.

  4. I said on fb that Bey would win an Oscar for best Comedic Performance in Thriller/Suspenseful Film lol

    I saw the Soloist and i must agree with your assessment. The ending was too abrupt. I think the movie could have been shorter but the scenes with the music were too long. There were some parts where they could have cut the music completely out or just shortened it a little. Other than that, it was a great film.


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