Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feelin some kinda way

Im not too sure what my problem is. I've just been kinda [blah] lately. Lately=the past 2 weeks. 4 weeks if u ask my GF. I hate when I get like this tho because its so hard to explain to myself and those around me who have to deal with it. And me being le freak de control, I need to be able to pinpoint precisely what my problem is. That way when someone accuses me of acting like an ass, i can say "well i'm sorry but I've got such & such goin on right now, so i'm gonna be a little off Try me again later." But right now I can't really defend myself cuz i'm not sure what's goin on. Let's check off some symptoms:

Over-emotional- i'm always a cry baby but this is just ridiculous!
Extra sensitive- i'm taking offense to stuff i really shouldnt give two hells about.
Snappy. Even more than usual! Not a good thing.

And no, im not PMSn. Been there done that, its over so dont bring it back 3 weeks sooner than when its suppose to be here, thanks. So what's my diagnosis? I need to know when i'll be snapping out of it & my gf would greatly appreciate it also.


  1. awwww muffin :-(
    *big hug*
    pray, and ask God for some guidance, understanding. And if you have time, write down a few things you are greatful for. stay up lil mama!

  2. Thank you Simone :-) I am actually feein a lil better so maybe it was one of those weeks. Months actually. lol. But im comin up out of it. Thanks for the encouragement tho.


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