Monday, May 4, 2009

A few matters of concern

It's monday and y'all dont even need a warning. Stay tuned for the trickery.

*1st things 1st, I had a nice wkend. The concert went great. We sang rather well from what I was told. I got to meet, chit chat and take pics with Kenny Latimore. (Y'all remember him right?) That man knows he can sing his ass off. Of course he sang his infamous "For You". Video soon to come! Did nothing on Sunday besides wash my hair and ran a few errands. Got a lil sidetracked at the mexican grcery store because...well its a mexican grocery store and my Spanish is dustier than what I wanted to admit. I was like ummmm YO NO SE. But I got it together eventually & left out with my tortillas, pollo de rostizado, y queso :-)

* Now onto to a few other things.

Am I the only grown person besides my GF who watches MTVs Taking the Stage?

I love this freakin show. I love the fact that these kids are working so hard to pursue their dreams of dancing or singing profesionally. (Hell i just figured out what i wanna do with life...kinda) Its set at Nick Lachey's (u know the 90 degrees guy) creative & performing arts highschool in Cincinnati, and it showcases the above 5 students who are all super talented in their own ways.From left to right, Shaakira, Malik, Jasmine, Tyler & Mia. I think all 5 of them are great performers, and Mia is one singin ass white girl who is gonna blow up real soon. Love her voice. So yeah, i'm into this lil show but I have one problem:

Someone needs to tell a few of these kids that shit really need not be so complicated in high school! Yeah, people break up and make up, hook up, lie, cheat steal and everything else in HS but u just deal with it and move the hell on. You're only 18 if that! Trust u have the rest of your life to stress over the bullshit and drama. Jasmine & Tyler lawd hammercy. They're caught up in this overly emotional, awkward "relationship" that has lasted ohhh about 3 months. Tyler went and kissed Mia at some party and Jasmine's life ended. Like literally she hit a brick wall and crumbled. Now this chick wants to be "the first premier ballerina of my generation" (her words) and she's really really good. But then here came slick ass Tyler poppin and lockin all over the place & snatched all her lil focus right on up. She flubbed her Julliard audition cuz her mind was too sidetracked by Tyler's sudden case of Jungle Fever. Come on now. I know I thought I was grown in high school too but i'll be damned if a relationship stopped me from getting into my college of choice! Hell to the no. Good bye Tyler, you cute and all but hun u gots ta go. And Mia...

Now I liked first. She had a mature air about her that gave her that sophisticated artsy vibe, & i told u she can really sing. Kinda like Joss Stone met Norah Jones who turned around and had a baby with Adele. She was cool. But then she let Tyler fuck up her lil world too! WTF? They treatin this boy like he's Chris Brown! Ok kinda harsh. Scratch that. Like he's Usher or sumthin! So now Mia done went and bumped her head on Tyler's nuts (lol) and now she got Jasmine hatin her, Tyler confused as all hell as to who he wants to be with, and all she sayin is that "I didnt really know what I was doin cuz my boyfriend just broke up with me and im so confused and hurt and you know the whole rebound thing..."

Girl boo. You're 17!!!! You better rebound that damn guitar and keep singin so u can get a record contract and get your ass outta Cincinnati! Got no damn time for Tylers fuckery. Get on somewhere. These young girls these days! geez.

Okay movin right along from MTV to BET.

Sundays Best! Love this show too & if any of u are following this contest, you already know the names (From top to bottom)Jessica Reedy, Latice Crawford and Y'anna Crawley. They were the 3 remaining contestants this past Sunday. Now its down to Jessica and Y'anna. Im tellin u, these 3 women are BAD. Latice has that throaty, strong Whitney Houstonesque (before the crack) voice, Y'anna is one of those take you to church, sang u under the pew & then put yo a** to sleep voices, & Jessica...whew lawd. I am so into her vocals. Shes got this craazy range that digs deep inside to the pit of her soul, and such immaculate control....its bananas. This season's competition is fierce and I couldnt be paid enough to have eliminated either of these women. Now that its down to the final 2 tho, imma have to roll with Jessica. I could listen to her all day & nite. Her voice is so sultry and flawlessly silky smooth. I really want her and Latice both to come out to the bay and play Yoshi's. (a jazz club in oakland for those of yall who arent in the know) I would be there front & center, sippin on my two drink minimum purchase. lol. Seriously tho, all 3 of these ladies make me wanna do better. I can sing but mannn i need to work on a few things so i can step my game up. They have really inspired me.

*steppin to the mic* mi mi mi mi miiii

Yeah imma work on that :-)


  1. No your not girl!
    Me and my boiboi watch it faithfully like two addicts.
    And yes on Mia. I am ready to get her album, because I know shes going to have one.
    Its all a little real life soap opera for kids that I just so happened to have caught on to and love.

  2. Chanel, I swear you would be my BFF if I knew you. I LOVE that show!!! You echoed my sentiments about all of them exactly.
    Mia is super talented and I'm into poetry so I love a song writer. But then she went skank and wouldnt leave other people's man alone so...
    I think awkward was the appropriate word to describe Jaz&Ty's relationship. It was just odd.
    Malik- LOVE him. I was really touched by his relationship w/ his mom and he's a star, he'll go places.
    I really love the show and I think MTV did a great job with the casting, concept & production.

  3. Taking the Stage is my new crack! look forward it to every week! Love all of them except for shaakira..she's wack. Tyler is a lil player, but his lil emo breakdown last episode..moved me. So did Maliks break up with his bf. Jasmine and Mia are haters, but I like them both.

  4. I also think that Taking the stage resonates with minorities. Finally a show that shows us in a positive light.

  5. Lol! Yayyyyy im so happy other people are watching and enjoying this show as much as I am :-)

    Lashawn, yep it is a lil mini soap opera. Its cute. lol

    Heat styled natural lmao. Girl im tellin u! Mia showed them colors real quick didnt she!? And yea kudos to MTV. Its a very well done show.

    Jay u dnt like Shakira? Awww y? I think shes a sweetheart. I think shes talented but she needs to stop being so self conscious and just DANCE dammit! I love her personality tho. lol @ jas and mia being haters. I so agree! Both of em need to stop sweatin each other.

  6. Really love hearing that you're all such fans of the show. Hope you all enjoy how it ends on the finale tomorrow night @ 10. Mia, Tyler and Jasmine all have a lot at stake in the last episode.

    Kate w/ MTV

  7. Man, i got to see the finale of Sundays Best but thats about it. i'm so upset that i missed the whole season and i definitely expected BET to do a replay of all the shows before the finale *pout*. Both of those girls could blow tho...i would have never wanted the job of choosing the winner.


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