Friday, May 8, 2009

Taking the Stage is over! :-(

Okay so i've already discussed my love for the show here.

And they up and went and ended the damn season! How rude. Anyway, I was sooo happy to see im not the only one who watches the show *waves@ my Taking The Stage friends* Ofcourse I have to blog about last nites show.

Okay so um, Tyler and Malik both performed for Block talent agency. First question is Who the hell is Block Talent Agency? What or who do they cast for? Third question is why did Malik even try out in the 1st place? He has dreams of Broadway & thats where his heart is. He doesnt need to be locked into a hip hop driven talent agency that may or may not be able to utilize his unique and diverse style of dancing. He needs to move to NY and grind it out for a Broadway show, for real. And stop all that damn cryin. (love ya Malik!)

Now Tyler, on the other hand would probably do well with Block (whoever they may be) He's straight up hip hop and doesnt too much cross over into other genres. But now is not his time. Sorry. He needs to finish high school, get all the training he can get and then go out onto the real stage. Im scared if he went out to NY or LA now, he would be back home in 4 months broke, busted and disgusted. He's too immature, head too far up in the clouds and too cocky to be taken seriously. Hes a good dancer and a sweet peron (from wut i can tell) but he has lots to learn and come on now, he needs to at least graduate from school first! Did yall see his mom? She wasnt havin that. "Um yea we'll talk about this at a later time." In other words, boy dont make me embarrass you in front of the cameras. You are stayin your black ass in school until you graduate and thats that.

Mia Mia Mia. Im so over her. Still love her music and her writing skills but damn if she aint a tad bit slow. Now she has [had] the chance to get signed by Jive and move up and on with life, yet she still trippin off Tyler?! Lawd. But whatever, thats neither here nor there since Jive didnt want her anyway. The real tragedy is that she is throwing away a good thing and doesnt even realize it. Aaron is a good guy. He may not be extra attractive, he may not be able to dance like Tyler and he may have gotten kicked outta school (still dont understand that 1) but he's head over heels for Mia. He seems like a really sweet guy and something tells me he would take care of her heart. But do u think that matters to Mia? Hell to the no. She too stuck off pop lock and drop it (aka Tyler) to see the goodness in Aaron. Thats okay. Shes gonna let Tyler hit, expect him to call her the next day to cuddle with her, and when he breaks her heart & runs to the next jump off, who will she be runnin to???? AARON.

I hope he packs his shit and moves far far away so she wont be able to find him. lol.

Moving on...

Jasmine. I started off not too much caring for her. I mean shes a great dancer, but she just seemed a little dittadee to me. [Translation= ditzy] And i was too through when she fumbled that Juliard audition cuz she couldnt get Tyler off the brain. But now that she's gradutaing and about to be up OUT, it seems like shes coming into her own. That last little dance she had with Pop Lock was kinda sweet. [i'm so mad they played Boyz 2 Men End of The Road. What is this 1994?] I think she needed that closure, like she said. Okay its closed. Put the sign on the door and keep it movin. Love dont live here no more. Pack yo shit and hit the road cuz u have bigger and better things to do than Tyler. Personally, I think she should jump all over this Alvin Ailey gig. I mean, who gets that kinda chance? Seriously. Its too bad she didnt get into the Fordham program [what kinda grades was she pullin?! Maybe she needed to spend less time on her tippy toes and more time in a book] but if she throws this chance away and goes to Southern Methodist University in TX, she can kiss it all goodbye. Real talk. Shes gonna get caught up in school, get a job start makin a little bit of $$ and her dreams of dancing will slowly slip away. And wasnt that her dream anyway?? To dance with the Alvin Ailey company? Helllooo! This shouldnt even be up for discussion. I know moving away to a big city like NY all by herself will be scary and take major adjusting, but people do it every day. She has to grind it out. Find that strength and boldness and go for it. I really hope she does cuz this could be just the beginning of great things for our chocolate ballerina :-)

And my final thought of the day: Um...what the hell is Shaakira gonna do with her life? Its like they tossed her out wit yesterdays garbage! She doesnt have any plans? School? Dancing? Acting? Nuthin? Was she even on the show last nite? She is graduating right....right? O lord.
[that smile looks a lil nervous...]

Cant wait for next season!!


  1. I loved that show! I was very disappointed with Tyler's love triangle though. I already have a trigger button for black men dating white women. But he had a good black girl in his hands and he still did her wrong for a white girl. He had no real excuse. If you ask me I think he's in the closet anyway and being a 'player' is his way of trying to throw people off. And I agree that Jasmine was a little ditzy; I sometimes wondered if she might be high.

  2. Girl!
    I am so mad they ended it like that!
    That had to have been the shortest season ever, but best believe I will be sitting right in front of the tv when the next season comes on.
    Jasmine was very sitzy. I think it was her mother that made her that way. She had everything planned out for her and she didn't have to think for her self much.
    And I am still mad about her messing up her audition. A MESS! She was talking about being in love. Her mama was right when she told her she need to stop worrying about Tyler and worry about senior year!

  3. I was at my boyfriends house one night and this was on and he's starts explaining the show to me and I'm like "u watch this consistently? what the hell?" lol I can't deal with teenage reality shows. They are just waaaay too dramatic for me. My bf was like "oh i hope jasmine and tyler stay together...aren't they a cute couple?" *triple side eye* lol


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