Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday in a flash!

And it's about that happy time again. *dancin & singin* HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Twas a good week. Went by relatively fast. It's my last week of school before finals, thank you God!!! You would think a damn astronomy class would be the least of my worries behind my other classes. Pssh. Got my ass up here wishin on a star just for a C! And i don't do C's. But i'll do the hell outta one this semester. *fingers crossed*

My Kennedy-King scholarship banquet is tonight and i'm excited. (click the link and scroll all the way down for my lil bio on their website) My baby and I are gonna look quite dapper in our black and pink. She has been extra stressed trying to find the perfect tie to match my shirt. But she found it @ the last minute & i cant wait to get all dolled up and be on her arm :-)

Im going to see Angels & Demons tomorrow. I know its gonna be amazing. Hmmm...what else? Tryin to see whats up tomorrow nite at the club but after searching high & low for a hot spot, I've concluded that I live in just about the most boring ass place ever! I mean wtf? There are ridiculous #'s of lesbians out here but um...does no one go to the club anymore? There's sumthin goin on Sunday called Butta, it's a T-dance (wutever the hell that is) from 2pm to 9pm. *side eye* I hear its a mighty popular event for lesbians but im just not to grand on clubbin in broad daylight. Sumthin just doesn't feel right. But we might try it. Reviews to come monday.

Thats about it!
Have a beautifully blessed weekend everyone :-)

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  1. Yeah, astronomy is no joke. I took it as an elective thinking it was gonna be relaxing, looking at stars and everything. But it's deceptively complicated.


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