Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Its like this that and this & uhhh

First and foremost I'd like to thank God for allowing me to bypass the worse work day of all time [Monday] and enjoy it at home instead, in the arms of my gf stuffing my face with a plate full of some bomb ass spaghetti and catching up on all the lameness that is cable television. Paid holidays make my world glisten and glow :-)

And then came today. As most of you may know, California courts ruled to UPHOLD the ban on gay marriage. Im seething on the inside. Literally, I feel like my blood is coming to a quick boil as I run down the list of reasons why California is seriously on that bullshit. Im not gonna talk about this here, cuz i've already ranted about it over at my other space [go ahead and click that link to have a read. I'll wait.]

Moving on...

Last week = hell in a handbasket for me. My emotions were all over the place, my thoughts were in the gutter & not in a freaky im about to get some ass kinda way. I mean I was just thinking the worse of the worse about things and it completely drained me. The best thing about last week was the fact that i'm done with spring semester and will never have to look at another science lab in my life. I swear I don't wanna see another star, moon, or constellation for the next 6 months. I'm an English major for a reason. And it ain't cuz I have the best grammar. Its cuz i royally suck at everything else ;-) So yeah, last week wasn't pretty. The weekend was kinda nice tho. Had a slight bump in the road Sunday nite but hopefully that will be taken care of so I can move on with life. This week needs to be better cuz if it gets any worse imma end up in jail. I'm jus sayin.

There was sumthin else I wanted to talk about. Wtf was it? I swear my mind is slippin at an alarming rate and I dont even smoke weed. It's not fair. Oh yeah! I remember...

This loud mouth wench right here. Yes i said wench dammit. Im bringing the word back in rotation. I coulda called her a bitch & been accurate cuz that's all she does is bitch & moan but i'll stick to wench cuz it fits. Kate Gosselin of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 fame. Cant stand her. *side eye* Sittin up there grinnin & signing books, pullin in the $$$ like a boss (not mad @ her for that) while her family tears at the seams. Im just too through with the messy situation between her and her husband. Do yall watch this show? This woman is atrocious! She's rude as hell and someone needs to backhand her one good time. {side bar- I do not advocate domestic abuse. I said SOMEONE needs to backhand her. That someone need not be her husband. Maybe a sister in law, an ex-bff, someone. Hell where can I sign up?} She treats Jon like she cant stand the ground he walks on and would rather not share the air he breathes. Like why is she still with him? Pack your shit and your 598 kids and leave if you're so unhappy! I know divorce is never an easy thing but honey when you look like you'd rather suffer from a double yeast infection than show your significant other some love & affection...it's time ta go. And then there's this infidelity issue. Okay. So she thinks Jon cheated on her. I understand that's enough to make you resent someone & rightfully so. But no, thats not her problem cuz she been havin that same stank attitude for mulitple seasons now. Has she been thinking he was steppin out on her for the past 5 yrs? Then she's really retarded cuz there's no way in hot hell I'm gonna stay around and keep having babies for you and I know you're bangin sideline chicks in your spare time? No sir. And why does he even have enough spare time to be havin sex with someone else anyway?! He has 8 damn kids! Sat down somewhere Jon & think about it. Whew lawd. These people and this show. smh.

Yeah yeah, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they're usually full of shit but still. Jon & Kate need to drop the bull and step up for their family and either let each other go or re-discover that burning flame they once had for each other and get it poppin. Cuz all this tension, and not talkin, and cryin and accusations, and side eye death stares is just too murch.

I think that's it. Yeah. Im done.


  1. YES!
    you said that right.
    kate has been one evil heifer for multiple seasons and i am surprised jon hasnt left her for good.
    with the 8 kids im sure it would be pretty hard on both sides though, but dang she pisses me off like im him an actually HAVE to deal with it.

  2. @ LaShawn. Exactly. I feel like i gotta come home to her evil ass everyday. She be lookin at him like he's the devil incarnate. Jus rude.

  3. I DON'T LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Never watched the show but we had a discussion about it at work today.

    A double yeast infection tho? Damn lol!

  5. @ Toni..lol. Yea i know. Me neither.

    @ Suga. lmao. Yes a double. You gotta see how she loks at him! Like she really be itchin...


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