Monday, May 18, 2009

iPanic like crazy oh and its monday :-(

Ok so I hate making mistakes. Especially really stupid mistakes that if I would have taken three extra seconds to double check and ensure that I was doing something properly, I wouldn't have made the stupid ass mistake. Today I found out that I made a mistake last week by emailing my english teacher the wrong version of an essay that was due. My essay that I spent hours stressing over was about 4 pages long. Whatever the hell I sent to her was only 1 pg long and cut off mid way through a paragraph. wtf? So I get to work and check an email from my teacher who was like i missing something here? So i double check what I sent her and sure enough, I sent the wrong thing.


I had my gf get on our computer at hm to search for the real version of my essay and its nowhere to be found. WHAT THE FUCKKKKK

I know there's no way i exited from that document without saving it. No way. Im not that slow. So as of now, I only got 50 out of 100 pts for that retarded ass essay that i stayed up until all hours of the morning to work on. Im too pissed off right now And it's monday which doesnt help anything AND it's finals week.

I need a drink.

Oh and Angels & Demons was good, not great. I liked the Davinci Code better. X Men Origins:Wolverine was really good. My scholarship banquet was very nice. We did end up going to the club saturday night but it sucked...big surprise there. We're saving Butta for next month during pride, hoping it will be worth it. Wish I could flesh this post out a little bit more but im still too pissed off to write so i'm going to put myself in a corner for a minute until I can come back without my attitude. Don't hold ya breath waiting for me...


  1. Oh DAMN I'd be pissed!! Wow, I hope you find it!!

    I can't wait to see both those movies. :)

  2. Tina GIRL! U just dont kno. Im still mad.


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