Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Makin Music for V-Day <3 <3 <3 <3

Okay so Valentine's day is 4 days away. For some it's the best day of the year, filled with flowers, chocolate, kisses, teddy bears and love. For others, v-day makes them wanna dig a hole and bury themselves in it until the clock striles 12:01 Feb. 15th. Either way, whether you'll be gettin some booty on Feb.14th from wifey/hubby/random jump-off or if you'll be drowning your broken-hearted sorrows in a bottle of henney... music makes a great companion. Here are some of my favorites from my B.M.M playlist (feel free to steal and use for your own ulterior motives):

***in no particular order***

  1. Spoiled- Joss Stone
  2. Maxwell's entire Urban Hang Suite CD
  3. Feelin You Feelin me- Alicia Keys
  4. Butterflies- Alicia keys
  5. Getting Late- Floetry
  6. Say Yes - Floetry
  7. Send it On- D'Angelo
  8. Untitled- D'Angelo
  9. Brown Sugar - D'Angelo
  10. Lady- D'angelo (see a pattern here?)
  11. Lately- Tyrese
  12. Lights off- Tyrese
  13. Sweet Lady- Tyrese
  14. Seduction- Usher
  15. Can't Stop Loving You- Kem
  16. Closer- Goapele
  17. No Ordinary Love- Sade
  18. Secret Garden- Barry White & co.
  19. Speechless- Beyonce
  20. Beauty- Dru Hill
  21. Softest Place on Earth- Xscape
  22. Soon As I Get Home- Faith Evans
  23. Slowly- Tank
  24. He Loves Me - Jill Scott
  25. Slowly Surely- Jill Scott
  26. Knockin Boots - H Town (betta act like u know! lol)
  27. Anytime, Anyplace- Janet Jackson
  28. A Song For You- Donny Hathaway
  29. Any and every CD by Silk (the group from the 90's, not the lame ass rapper)
  30. Forever my lady- Jodeci
  31. Cry For You- Jodeci
  32. Easy- Chante Moore
  33. Wey U- Chante Moore

There are more. But that's enough to get you started...and maybe finished ;-)


  1. mmm yeah mee tooo CAN'T waitttt!!!

  2. Dude, I can't believe u gave away one of our songs! Wusup wit that,,,and u kno I don't need no music:)


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