Friday, February 6, 2009

Etta James has officially left the farm

Okay now I love me some Etta. No one can ever top her version of At Last. I haven't heard anyone sing that song with the same heavy soulful sultriness needed to pull that song off how she did. But I really want her to sat down and shut it. Yes i said SAT down and SHUT it. Because she is beginning to talk out of her ass and it's not a flattering look.

First off, why is she talking greasy about President Obama?? What did he do to her? Since she claims to have never supported him, why in the world would he have invited her to perform anything??! She doesnt have sole rights to At Last because she didn't write not one word or punctuation mark so Obama could've gotten kermit the frog to sing the damn song if he wanted to and she shouldnt have had nuthin to say. Secondly (or is that thirdly) she sounds beyond bitter that her hay day was over before she could blink. I think she needs to take tips from Tina, Patti, and Gladys and learn how to age gracefully and allow the youngins to step up.

If no one knew who the hell she was or what At Last was, then she would have something to be angry about. She better be happy anyone is payin her ass some attention. Talkin about Bey is gonna get her ass "whupped". By who? Does she have a great grand daughter lurking around somewhere willing to fight for her? Seriously Etta. You're like 82. I know age aint nuthin but a number but when it comes to throwin down when you have a false hip and a pace start lookin kinda ridiculous. Sorry. Damn shame. Etta has officially become a


  1. ROFLMAO... I just wish she'd have explained exactly what her problem with Beyonce was.

    Or maybe she HATES Obama (though I can't imagine why) and was pissed that they used that song to sing to him...

    It's bizarre, that's for sure... :P

  2. Ok, I hate to say this...but everyone has been completely bamboozled, once again, by the media. This story is NOT the story. Ms. James was doin a stand up routine during her shows, as she typically does now-a-days, and this just happened to be part of that routine. The rest of the routine wasn't given any media attention, because noone would have cared. Now, whether or not she really does feel offended that Beyonce was chosen to sing HER song, less we forget, over herself, is probably arguable. I, for one, would understand if she was. I think it's quite rude personally, especially after the way Beyonce begged just to be seen there.

  3. Hmmm...Okay. Well if it was a stand up routine, then i'll give her a pass. But who told her she was a comedian??

  4. I gotta agree with Toni. I didnt hear the audio but read the statements and it sounded like a joke from the get go to me. And then she came out and said it was a joke.

    I wonder why people care though? I mean, Etta has ALWAYS been a firecracker, take no bullshit type of woman, which is why she initially said that Bey probably wouldn't be able to portray her correctly when she heard she was cast in "Cadiallac Records". Thats like casting Diana Ross to play Frankie in a movie about Keyshia Cole. lmao

    But anywho, I cracked the hell up when I heard her say she was gonna beat Bey's ass. Old people get to say whatever the hell they want. Ya'll didn't know that? lmao

  5. the beautiful thing about celebrities saying or doing ridiculous things is that, as long as they're getting attention, it can be and probably is a good thing; in this case, Etta James is re-introducing herself to a whole new generation


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