Thursday, February 19, 2009

How much do we love 1st Lady Michelle for this??

Yesterday, Michelle Obama opened up her White House to approximately 200 local students and educators for a special program honoring Black History. She began the program with a question and answer portion where she tested the students knowledge of Black History. But true to her keep-it-real nature, Mrs. Obama did not stick with the traditional line of questioning: "Who was Dr. Martin Luther King?" "What did Rosa Parks do?" Etc. She branched way out there and asked the middle schoolers whether or not they knew that the White House was built, piece by piece, by black slaves. She was pleasantly shocked that many hands went up, heads nodding that yes they did know. (I would've been shocked too cuz my piece of crap history book never mentioned it. lol) She then urged the kids to look beyond the famous names they hear repeatedly, and to research black men and women who contributed to this nation in great ways, but rarely get recognized for it. She told them not to be afraid to dig all up in their own family roots because it's important to know the stock from which we come from. Then, as a treat for the students, a Grammy award winning acapella ensemble of African American women, Sweet Honey in The Rock, filled the room with traditional hymns and upbeat spirituals.

This is why I luv Michelle. Well, one of the reasons why.

Sasha was like ummm...excuse you. Can you back up outta my face?!

I want a hug too!


And on a sad side note because he doesn't deserve an entire post to himself, the token black republican chairman, Michale Steele, is two inches away from getting on my last damn nerve.
Yesterday he announced that the GOP needs an "off the chain hip-hop makeover to attract young minority voters."

Mr. Steele, how helpful are you really trying to be here? Correct me if i'm wrong, but President Obama's campaign attracted young people in places we didn't even know youngins existed, and he never turned his platform into the Source Awards. Your attempts at blackness "coolness" fall so short, it's really not even funny. Off the chain? Seriously. Sit down. Thanks.


  1. I love First Lady!!! The pic of the boy taking a picture of Sasha and the comment...LMAO!!!

  2. Hey Chanel! Sorry to change the subject, but the "people to weak to follow their own dreams..." quote is so on point. I need to commit that to memory.

    Off to read your Examiner post....
    Have a great weekend, girlie!


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