Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Conversations in my head. Round 1

So I know a lotta people, but not the right people obviously 'cuz there are a few I really wish I could call up right now and have a 1 on 1 with. Since I can't do that in the real world, i'll have the convo myself in blogland.

I'm a lil touched in the head, I know;-)

Convo # 1

ring ring

Solange Knowles: Hello?

Me: Hello.

Solange: Uh.. hello. Who is this?

Me: Chanel. Who is this?

Solange: You called me! I hate when people call and ask who I am. That makes no sense.

Me: Now wait a damn minute SOLO. You wanna talk about what makes no sense? Let's talk about it then. What makes no sense is that while your sister is out and about tossin her ass in 8 places and 3 different countries at one time, your ass is loungin under a rock somewhere as if you've alreaady made it. Why? You have talent. You have looks that somewhat resemble your sisters if you squint your left eye and glance briefly from a distance. You write your own stuff. Which is something you have up on Bey cuz lord knows she's a damn sticky finger thief. And im willing to bet that in that head of yours somewhere, you possess an acting gene. You must get that from Tina cuz your daddy sure as hell don't act like he give a damn about anyone in the world besides his oldest cash cow uh i mean daughter. So that's why I called you. I needed to hear your voice and I needed you to tell me who you were first so I could be convinced that you still knew who the hell you were! You are still a Knowles, right?

Solange: Um...yeah. The last time I checked. Is this Chanel from over there on 45th?

Chanel: Lawd, does it matter? I'm reality calling and the message I have to deliver is if all you want out of life is to be looked at as the "other" one, you're well on your way. Do somethin about it please! BEFORE that retarded director casts your sister as Angela Davis and I really have to go upside someone's head. Thanks. You have a good day.

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    While you got her on the phone talk to her about changing her name to something that doesn't sound like a throat drop!


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