Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Im gonna get fired today

No not because of California's severe budget crisis that has bosses passin out pink slips like Jesus Lives pamphlets. Although that could very well be in my future. But I'm gonna get fired on this day because I'm about ready to knock this woman's head into the wall who just walked into my office. The situation went a little something like this:

I'm typing away, minding my own business, actually working when the door violently swings open (which isn't easy to do with that heavy ass brown installed in 1962 combat door). I look up and see the hot mess that has just stormed up to my desk. She has stringy blonde hair half pulled up into an off centered ponytail, dark rings of black mascara dripping down her face, a blue t-shirt on that says "Go for a test-ride" (no thank you), and she smells like cigarette smoke and old lunch meat. So inwardly I sigh and try not to choke on her funk, outwardly I smile and ask what she needs.

Me: Can I help you?

Hot Mess: I need my son takin out of Pittsburg high

Me: Okay, ma'am. Would you like to tell me wh-...

Hot Mess: I will not have my son beat up on just because he's white!

Me: *blink* Okay, let me try to call-...

Hot Mess: I understand that black boys are angry violent people for a reason but that gives them no right to take it out on other kids who are being raised properly!! This shit is ridiculous! He has to be taken out of that school.

Me: *blink three times with the "I kno this bitch did not" look on my face & inhale* The superintendent is not here right now, but I can find someone else for you. Have you spoken with the principal? Did you file a report?

Hot Mess: No! I havent spoken to anyody but my son who said these 3 black boys jumped on him for no reason! No reason at all! he was just walking to class and they all have to cause trouble. All of em. No damn good. Either thay all get locked up somewhere or my son needs to leave.

Me: *lookin down at myself just to make sure that i'm still black, wondering if this woman realizes that she is ranting about black boys to a black woman*

My co-worker: *sensing that i'm about two seconds from poppin off at the mouth* Okay, ma'am come go in here with me so we can sort this situation out and I can properly document it.

They go into my bosses office behind closed doors and the woman keeps on going. The walls are paper thin so the fact that the door is closed means absolutely nothing as she starts crying about blacks are always picking on her and her son, and they have no class, and they dont know how to deal with their own problems ("we all have problems! You don't see us starting fights!") lmaoooo. Really? Wooooo sahhhhh.

And she's still here. A little calmer now. But I can still hear her breathing.

I'm sorry that her son was beat up. I doubt he was completely innocent (I looked his name up in our database and little fire-starter is NO angel), but either way, the fact that he got jumped is not cool at all. I can understand her anger. I would be pissed too. But don't be ignorant. Don't fall into the dangerous trap of over-generalization, and you for damn sure don't wanna do that when you ARE TALKING TO A BLACK PERSON! Now what does she say when her son gets into fights with other white boys? Are they just being kids? Boys will be boys. Just having fun? I guarantee she doesn't say that all of em are no good and need to be locked up.

I tell you, we may have come a long way but until we can go person by person and knock the stupid out of em...we'll have far more weak links in the chain of "colorblind unity and acceptance" than what we can deal with.


  1. Oh damn... wow...


    I got nothin' else.

  2. Lol...This is too funny. I wish I was there, but I probably woulda made the situation even worse cuz I woulda been laughin right there in her face.

  3. Oh, white people. *facepalm*

    On an related note, you should post this here:

  4. LOL! I woulda been hella irritated too. But we gotta remember...just because we FINALLY got a black man in office does not mean that ignorance has totally escaped America. Stupid is as stupid does. It's unfortunate but it is the truth.


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