Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reality TV Shows will be the death of TV

To date, there are approximately ten reality tv shows playing at the same time, on various channels, at any given time of day. Seriously, how much more can we take? Im gonna comprise a list off the top of my head of every damn so-called reality show that I can think of. No specific order cuz they all pretty much suck. Add to my list if you can:

  1. Real World- The original "reality" show. Once a great idea, now...not so great.
  2. All of the judge shows- Judy, Milian, Toler, Penny, Hatchett, Brown, Alex, Maybelline, Mathis, Elder and many more.
  3. Survivor. Bleh.
  4. The Bachelor. Loser
  5. The Biggest Loser. Cooler than the loser bachelor.
  6. The Bachelorette. No one ever thought of hooking her up with The Bachelor and cancelling both shows?
  7. Bridezillas. wtf.
  8. Bounty Hunters.
  9. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. At least it has somewhat of a purpose.
  10. Underage and Married, or Married & Underage. Whatever.
  11. Sweet Sixteen.
  12. Is Cribs a reality show?
  13. Flava of Love. I'll never understand the attraction...
  14. I love New York
  15. I Love Money
  16. New York goes to Hollywood...but never quite made it
  17. Real Chance At Love. Lame.
  18. Shot At Love with Tila Tequila. A.K.A Free Shot in the Ass from the Free Clinic if You Touch Her
  19. Rock of Love.
  20. Charm School. Wasn't nothin about them charming.
  21. From Gs To Gents. lol. Entertaining actually.
  22. Celebrity Circus. Only watched it to see what Stacy Dash was wearing :-)
  23. That show with Chris from the Brady bunch and Adrienne from Top Model.
  24. America's Next Top Model. A.K.A Tyra's Last Hurrah.
  25. Project Runway
  26. Hell's kitchen
  27. The Apprentice. About time to get cancelled.
  28. The Surreal Life.
  29. Strange Love. And yes it was.
  30. Double Shot at Love. Double dose of retarded.
  31. Bad Girls Club. Guilty pleasure :-)
  32. College Hill. Booooo. Started off okay. Now, it sucks hard.
  33. The Hills. The MTV original
  34. Baldwin Hills. The BET rip off. They both suck.
  35. The Bonaduce show
  36. Who Wants to Work for Diddy? I'm hapy he's lookin elsewhere cuz I for damn sure don't.
  37. Making the Band. And then dismembering them.
  38. Brothas to Brotha. Ehh.
  39. The Way It Is. Keyshia Cole's show. Gotta love Frankie. Man down! Hollaaa
  40. The Real Housewives of (insert city here)- LOVE the Atlanta version. Every other one sucks.
  41. Uncle Luke's show. (You know Luke. Dont stop get it get it! Pop that puss* heyyy!) Lol. I forget the actual name. But it was cool.
  42. Snoop's show. It's aiight.
  43. Salt & Peppa Show. Where r they anyway?
  44. The Hogan's. It was like watching a slow train wreck.
  45. Brooke Hogans spin off show. A smaller train wreck, but still...a train wreck.
  46. Run's House. LOVE IT. At least they aren't promoting running around drunk and half naked claimin to "love" an ugly ass throwback celeb that u barely can even stand to look at.
  47. Daddy's Girls (featuring Rev. Run's daughters)- Love this one too. Even though I want Vanessa to come out come out from where ever she is in the closet. Yep. You heard it here 1st.
  48. J. Lo's wack try at a dance themed reality show.
  49. Ru Paul's Drag Race. Newbie. I'm feelin it so far. Ru Paul is a mess.
  50. For The Love of Ray J. Another newbie. Just saw the 1st show last night. It's no different from every other Im tryin to f*ck as many nasty skanky hoes as possible and get paid for it type of show. Only Ray J is a helluva lot cuter than Flava flav. And he sounds like a male phone sex operator. Im still tryin to tell if it sounds sexy or gay.
  51. Kimora Lee Simmons Fabulosity show.
  52. The Fabulous life. With what's her face.
  53. Kim Kardashian's family's show. They must be so proud.
  54. What in the hell else can possibly be made???

Are there anymore tv series anymore? With real scripts and real talent?? That will be the next reality show: An unscripted script of a non-realistic reality show on how to be a screen writer.


  1. Hmmm let's see...

    -Parental Control (oh so staged and oh so lame)
    -Next (same as above)
    - Paris Hilton's BFF (can we look for friends off-screen like everyone else does?)

    The list can go on forever...

  2. Ha! Parental Control is worse than staged. I dont even know what to call it. Next jus sucks. Paris Hilton is a pimp. Im sorry, but she had those women (and the girly boys) kissin her ass and willin to ride a donkey bare back just to call themselves her so called BBF. No stupid, you are now her slave.

  3. Hey! Great idea. U shoulda kept that one to yaself and pitched it. I think it'd be great. A reality show about writers who want to create the next great scripted-fictional television program.

  4. Lol. Damn. It is a good idea though. Maybe i should delete this blog and go find an agent. I've been comin up with some pretty good pitches lately.

  5. First off, did you say "Real World" is not good anymore. Girl, last season was off the hooooook...and this is coming from someone who hadn't watched Real World in 10 years, since the Las Vegas season. lol Dont know how this season is going though. *shrug*

    Judge Mathis is my shit. You better ask somebody. That man is HIGH-larious.

    Bridezillas and Bad Girls is my guilty pleasure as well. It's all quite entertaining.

    Am I the only one in this world who is sooooo not interested in the lives of Vanessa and her sister?

    I hope they give Neffie and Frankie their own show.

  6. This is sooooo true. Reality shows are replacing good sitcoms. *sigh*


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