Wednesday, February 25, 2009

People seriously need to get a life

I don't give two hells what anyone has to say about Mrs. Obama going sleeveless too much, she looks AMAZING in this pic.

I love the pink, love the lacy detail. It's sexy! Now when was the last time there was anything sexy in the White House? President Clinton's sideline h0 does NOT count. Michelle looks good. So the people yip yappin about her always showing her arms, always wearing fitted clothes, always being overly accessorized- it's called FASHION people!. Get a sense of it and move on. If I had arms like hers, i would never cover them up either. Real talk.

Oh and the designer of this cute lil number is Tracy Reese, a black designer out of Chicago. Love it.


  1. I hear ya! They are just HATERS!!! She looked soo damn good last night!

  2. Yeah people just wanna say something...

    They would talk about her and say how dare she wear pink that is clashing with the couch!!!

    People are so stupid sometimes...

  3. Yes she really did Laura.

    Kiwi, lol. Right. Like that shade of pink is a little too bright against that tan/beige/yellow couch. lol Wutever. Haters will hate cuz its all they kno how to do.


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