Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday in a flash

* I have an interview for a scholarship tomorrow morning. YAY! They'll be judging me on my demonstration of financial need (should be easy cuz i'm broke), my academic performance (should be easy cuz i'm a straight A'er) and my overall ability to connect (should be easy cuz im a 1st class bullshitt3r). With all that said... i'm nervous outta my mind and i need all the good vibes packed tightly around me tomorrow cuz Lord knows this $$$ is very necessary!!!

* I'm at work alone today cuz every one else seems to have the time and the cash to go on 5-day vacations. Ehh. Oh well. I like having the office to myself. Gives me the chance to do NADA ;-)

* My brother will be in concert on Sunday and i'm a little excited. Kinda disenchanted with him at the moment, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he can sing his ass off. So yeah, i'm a fan.

* My 4 year anniversary is coming up with the love of my lyfe on April 1st and now is about that time when i start looking back on where I was in life 4 yrs ago, before we got together. Whew. Thank God for microscopic and massive miracles.

* I wanna go see The Haunting in Connecticut. I kno it'll probably be lame as hell but hey, horror flicks and corny go hand in hand nowadays.

* Spring break is around the corner. Yayyyyyyyy! Santa Cruz & Monterey here we come ;-)

*I miss my Godson and his mommy aka my best friend.

* I'm hungry and i want some taco bell.

* Im sleepy and i want my bed.

* Im so happy & thankful for my 22 Readers & here's to a peaceful but fun weekend :-)

* Im now done with this post and that's my Friday in a flash.


  1. hey lady! Good luck to you! I know you'll get it!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Fab!! :-) You have a great one too

  3. Lol, Nice as fuck babygurl, I'm a fan now.


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