Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh lord

So California's budget is ass hole deep in doo doo. The education sector seems to be choking on it right now as numerous teachers, counselors, vice prinicipals and in drastic cases, even principals are deemed expendable and handed a pink slip. Unemployment is at its highest and to save a penny, more jobs are being shelved as people are being thrown under busses and told to pack their shit and go join the 1000's of desperate people looking for work in the unemployment line.

Guess where I work?

At the damn school district office.

Guess what just happened?

One of our guidance counselors was just laid off and he didn't take it too kindly. Actually, he overturned a desk, threw some stuff and proceeded to curse a bunch of people out.

Im told he's heading our way next.

My day is about to get very interesting.

My nerves are too bad for this shit.

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