Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hair, music, and sex :-)

*Seriously, how random can one get? [ very ]

Haven't posted in a few days. I've been over here dying from some kind of wierd sickness/flu thing for the past week that i'm blaming my girlfriend for cuz as I was busy playing Nurse Betty for her sick self, some of her stray germs made themselves a lil too comfortable. I stayed home from work all week last week, except Friday cuz I was coughing up my lungs and a few other things. (bleh) Anywho, i'm feelin better now minus this annoying cough i can't shake. I'm at work...not working, so what else is there for me to do besides blog?

So let's see here. I'm trying something new with my hair. I call it the "Diva A La Michelle" look. You know Michelle Obama's blow outs have been on point lately. She went from the Condoleeza Rice helmet hair that never moved an inch, to her free flowing blowin in the DC wind tresses that i love. I purchased a velcro roller set (Gotta love Sally's) and i'm tryin to keep as much heat out of my head as possible. Cuz I was waking up and frying the hell outta my hair every single morning with my flat iron and my big barrel curling iron & I started noticing a lot of broken off strands in my sink, on the floor and in my brush. A LOT. So me being me, I panicked "OH my god i'm balding!" Lol. Far from it. But still, I kno i gotta reduce the heat and increase the moisture retention. So this style is very protective & quick to take down in the morning with no heat! Woo hoo. The only downside is I can't sleep with all these damn things in my head at night. It'll take some getting use to, I guess. Grrrrrr I need some sleep! [ Politely overlook the growling. Im sleep deprived ]

Ooo I found a new favorite song. So Good by Electrik Red.
That's my shit rite there. I was watching LOGO and their video came on and I was like Oh lord, another girl group bound to be broke busted and disgusted before the 2nd album. But surprisingly, the song was so catchy I Itunes'd it. I hope they stick around for awhile. They're kinda cute too. That never hurts ;-)

Random Question: Are people havin better sex in 2009 than they were having in 08? I just wanna know. That should be like a census question or something. Does the suck ass economy take a toll on people in the bedroom? If you're like me, and the more stress you're under the freakier you get (lol), then everyone should be having some really really REALLY good sessions.


  1. Last year I had lots of sex! with guys tho :( so it doesn't count. This year I accomplished my goal of coming out of the closet hence 0 sex. nope, not even a kiss so far.

    The economy is depressing everyone so I think people are having less sex. But at the same time since people are going jobless they probably don't have anything else to do but give it to each other. It's always good to have time on our hands right? its just bad that it is on these conditions.

  2. Lol. If all i had time to do was to give it to my girl friend I would be happy as hell.

  3. LMAO the recession is making people spend less money and do more stuff for free...like have SEX...so yeah I guess sex has to get better because if you can go out like u used to and spend money...most people next fun alternative is to have sex...

    And yes sex is great in '09


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