Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celebrating the fabulosity of women

In honor of their 70th year in publication, Glamour magazine did a spread of young celebs paying homage by dressing up as the women who have paved the way before them in music, style and overall pushing the limits toward shattering that damn glass ceiling we heard so much about in 2008. I love [most] of these shots.

Lindsay Lohan as Madge kinda works for me. Madonna was a mess back then, Lindsay is a mess now. The two have met in the middle and made a match in trainwreck heaven.Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama. Okay. I'm on the fence with this one. I love Alicia and of course I love Mrs. Obama. And I love that the two women love each other. lol. I just don't know if this shot captures the essence of our First lady. I dont know. Ya'll tell me whether or not i'm trippin.Alexis Bledel (you know the greek chick from sisterhood of the travelling pants) as Rosie the Riveter. LOVE this picture. Its great and she looks just like Rosie! lol. If I were her I would blow this up hella big and put it on my wall in my house somewhere close to the front door so people would have to see it as soon as they came in. lol.Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn. Ehhh. Kinda blah. I use to be so fascinated with the Hepburn sisters and Breakfast at Tiffany's is my all time fave classic movie (next to Casablanca & Gone With the Wind) This pic doesnt come close to Audrey's beauty and grace. I love Emma's shoes tho.Hayden Panetierre as Amelia Earhart. Like it, don't love it. But liking it is better than hating it.Paula Patton as Billie "Lady Day" Holiday. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I would blow this one up too. Wall size. Take up a whole side of the house :-) She really embraces Billie's sultry fierceness.Chanel Iman as tennis legend Althea Gibson. This shot reminds of a Next Top Model challenge. lol. I like it. Chanel Iman has been doing her thing lately. Gotta love her name. A whole bunch of people i've never heard of (except for Rumor Willis) as the women of woodstock. Works for me. They all look like a bunch of marijuana lovin hippies. Wooo hooo!
Camilla Belle as Mary Tyler Moore. I use to stay up every night to watch episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore show on Nick at Nite. They need to bring the show back cuz I dont know what the hell they air now. This pic is cool. Not as spunky as MTM woulda done it, but it will do.
America Ferrera as Dolores Huerta. YES! Love it. America looks resolved and ready to passionately fight for the rights of migrant farm workers.
Emma Stone as Carrie Bradshaw. Now y'all know that i'm aspiring to be the black Carrie Bradshaw right? If all I have to do in the world is write, shop, go to parties, eat with friends, write some more and then shop some more after that....i'm all over it. Love this shot. Very Sex and the Cityish. Elisha Cuthbert as Pro Soccer diva Brandi Chastain. Amazing shot. Elisha looks like she actually knows something about soccer.Which one is your favorite?? Mine is Paula as Billie Holiday, hands down.


  1. Love the Billie and Madonna portrayal. And the Alicia as Michelle didn't work for me either. Nice try though.

  2. I think the Alicia Keys Michelle Obama portrayal was kick ass! GO MICHELLE AND ALICIA!


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