Friday, March 6, 2009

The 2 most powerful women in the world

Gotta love and respect it. The FIRST (and probably the last) time Oprah shared the cover with someone besides herself (remember the split cover with her as a skinny minnie and her now, a little um... fluffier) This magazine cover is the best. I love it. And it will mark the 1st time I buy one of O's mags. Not sayin nuthin bad about the magazine. It's just expensive as hell! I'm jus sayin tho...
Anyway, don't you love how sista girl friendly they look all while maintaining an air of class and intelligence about them? I know their convos be on point. I want in.


  1. I feel you! I love the cover! This will bet the first time I purchase it also.

  2. not even 2 of the most powerful black women, 2 of the most powerful women. Period!

  3. I agree Jay. I think i wanna change the title now


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