Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I couldn't give 2 shits less about Chris & Rhianna

I'm sure everyone has heard the talk about Ike and Tina shacking up at Diddy's house last week, and now today they're back in LA, staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Waiting around for Chris' trial on Thursday. The questions everyone seems to be asking is WHY are they even together? Why are they not on opposite sides of the earth? Why hasn't Chris given a genuine apology yet? And why hasn't Rhianna gotten some of her cousins from the islands to beat his ass?

Simple answer: Rhianna doesn't give a shit. And if she doesn't care enough to leave him alone, then I for damn sure don't. Maybe the dick is that good. Maybe he sings her to sleep at night. Maybe she feels as if this is true love and she can't do any better even though she's a gorgeous, rich, young celebrity. Maybe she has no self-esteem at all. Maybe she feels as if she deserved to be hit and left on the side of the road, for one reason or another. We'll never know what her thought process is so i'm over it. So I wish the young couple happiness in their future together that they seem intent on working on. Hopefully he'll work consistently on his righthook and if he ever punches her upside her head again, maybe a few drops of sense will mingle in with the blood.


  1. lol @ "...And if she doesn't care enough to leave him alone, then I for damn sure don't..."

    word. i'm so tired of it. like...gimme twelve fcukin' breaks already. can everyone be that bored that this has become an obsession?


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