Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blame it on the alcohol

* i luv the song. luv the video. luv jamie. luv alcohol. *

but i digress...

Today I feel like ranting a little. I know, i do this damn near every day anyway, but today feels a little special, so I decided to let you know that i'm in a rant mood before I actually start poppin off at the mouth. Consider yourself lucky and warned.

Good girl gone retarded
I will no longer mention her by name cuz i'm just a little too through with her antics over the past few weeks. But yall kno who i'm referring to. Lil girl with the umbrella and the cute haircut with the large forehead area. Yeah, her. She's a mess. From beginning to end. She is a hot funky mess and the fact that she's taking Mike Tyson jr. back and testifying FOR him instead of against his head bustin ass has rubbed me the wrong way. Now i got to go through my ipod and delete every song of his and hers (not that there were many) cuz i just don't want anything to do in support of the retardation of our younger generation of women. So done.

Beyonce overkill
It's time bey. It's time. Everyting has a shelf life. Yours expired somewhere around 2007. I love you. I think you're fly. A little slow on the draw when you're doing speaking engagements, but when you're on stage, yea you do the damn thing. But girl, i'm tired of seeing your face every time I turn my tv on or look at a magazine. I feel like you're stalking me. Everywhere I turn, bam! Beyonce this, Beyonce that. lawd. Enough is enough. Just give me one year without seeing you or anything associated with you, including those dresses atrocities from the House of Dereoff.

The Stanky Leg
The Stanky Leg has got to be the dumbest song and dance i've heard in a while and it makes me itch when it comes on. It's making me itch now. So i'll stop talking about it.

Soulja Boy Tell Em
I don't get it. Is that his whole name? Is Tell Em his last name? What the hell is he trying to tell me? I haven't gotten the message yet. But I have something to tell him. That new song, turn my swag onnnnnnnn or wutever it is. FAIL. Royally FAIL. The fact that he chose to sing the entire song in that off pitch note that I assumed only Ashanti knew how to hit...makes my ears burn and my eyes water. Is that the response u were going for Mr. i don't know what to tell em?

Christina that you?
She looks like a 2 dollar porn star from the 80's. I don't know if its the bleach blonde hair or the candy red lips that look like they've been inflated with wax and helium. It's just unforgivable. If that's what she meant by dip it low, she needs to pick it back up.

Cal State University, East Bay
This is a personal rant because this damn school has pissed me off to the nth degree. Yes the nth. If I send you my application and all the required paperwork/transcripts it's because I feel as if your campus deserves a student of my caliber. It's because I feel as if you have something to offer me as well, therefore it'll be an even exchange. You give me my degree and i'll fill a young educated black girl quota for you. So why are u fuckin with me? You lost my transcripts that cost me well over 40 bucks to have rushed to you. You lost my residence questoinnaire that I shouldn't have even had to fill out in the first place since I was BORN and RAISED here in California you idiots. And now my entire application has been put on hold because of your incompetence. I want my 50 dollar app fee back so I can apply it to securing my spot at Mills college, which is where I really wanna be anyway.

American Intercontinental University
You suck ass so bad, it's not even funny. You need your accreditation revoked yesterday for the drama you cause your past, present and future students. Disclaimer: DON'T ENROLL AT THIS SCHOOL. It's a rip off and they'll screw you over for money and wont wanna do jack boo boo squat in return. I never went there but someone close to me has and is going through hell with them and I swear, i'm this [ ] close to paying the campus a personal visit.

This woman who keeps comin in and out of my office
as if she's not letting the heat out and bringing in the 40 degree rain and wind behind her... go on somewhere dammit. I don't have any extra tutoring for your 12 yr old daughter. She's been through 8 different programs and still can't add 3 + 1. She's used up all the money we can offer her. What do u want me to do? Damn.

Ok. That's it. Im through. Tomorrow is Friday. Yay.


  1. Girl, I know all about colleges screwing people over. My daughter dropped out of two classes LAST SUMMER and they are still holding her $1,000 hostage.

    NCC in Norwalk keeps telling her this and that is missing even though she's filled out those forms 4,000 times already.

    I hate that shit.

  2. Blame It by Jamie Fox sucks balls all he does is ah ah eh eh alcohol baby eh eh eheheheh ehehehe alcohol baby it just think it sucks


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