Friday, March 6, 2009

WTF did M.I.A name her baby?!



Now i'm all for being unique, staying a head of the curve, following your own path, and making your own rules. But I draw a line at naming your baby something that sounds like a cross between a creature from Star Wars and a character out of the Harry Potter books.

What in the hell is an Ickett?
$20 to the person who gives me the best definition.

*Disclaimer: the above mentioned 20 dollars will be in E-form. As in E-ventually you might wander upon 20 bucks one day and you can be like damn! Chanel musta left this here 20 dollars for me for that great definition of an Ickett I gave her :-)


  1. LOL!!! And they talk about the names we name our children.

  2. she wrote on her blog that she did not name her baby ickett. Idk where the blogs were getting that info from.

  3. I'm still wondering whats the meaning behind it.


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