Monday, March 23, 2009

Love never hurts? Uhhh...I dont know about that

So the almighty Ms. Oprah Winfrey threw her 32 cents in on the the whole Chris Brown/Rhianna fiasco and her bottom line message is that Love does not hurt. Lover never hurts. If love ever hurts, then it's not love and you need to run.

I agree with her to a certain extent. I believe that love should not be an ongoing painful experience that never ends and makes life miserable. That's not love. That's bullshit and drama. But if Ms. Winfrey expects to me to believe that for all of the years that her and Steadman have been doing the do, that they have never hurt each other....she's a damn lie. The feeling of love that you have for someone should not hurt. But at times, relationships hurt like a b*tch. It's natural. Feelings get hurt, pride is bruised, bubbles are burst, miscommunications occur,tears are shed, shit happens. If it's happening every week, then your relationship is probably dysfunctional and you might need to hang it up. But all healthy couples go through it every once and awhile. It's a natural cycle called life and love and it's what makes you appreciate all of the beautiful/sunshiny/floating on cloud 9 times.

So Ms. Winfrey, I get what you were trying to say. Love should not hurt as far as someone busting you in the eye and biting a chunk out of your shoulder. Love should not hurt as far as emotional abuse. But please don't have people believing that being in love will be a fairy tale experience 24/7/365 cuz Lord knows, that ain't the case.


  1. I don’t agree with you totally on this, you have people who are in relationships, that are very happy never had a miscommunication problem, due to the fact that they communicate with each other effectively. I think she effectively makes the point that love should not hurt, meaning painfully not emotionally, such as in the case of Brown

  2. I agree with her on the fact that love should not hurt painfully. I just think its impossible to be in a long term relationship and never ever feel hurt or hurt the one you are with. It may not even be intentional but you're human and you make mistakes.

  3. Katie Couric said it best( paraphrasing btw): Love doesn't hurt, unless your heart is broken by the one you love.. Or something to that affect


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