Friday, March 20, 2009

My new toy:-)

I got my Pink Nintendo DS!

Courtesy of the love of my lyfe. THANK YOU so much!!!


  1. ahhhhh!
    i am SO jealous right now!

  2. thats cool, but u shouldve waited until next month...when the new dsi comes out. It plays music has a camera and all that.

  3. oo I love mine! Well, I did until I got bored and too cheap to buy new games. LOL

    Now it just sits in my room. ;P

    p.s. you two are TOO cute!

  4. Lol LaShawn. Go get one!
    Jay, damn why u gotta tell me about it. Cuz now Im gonna want one sooner or later. lol. Buts it's ok. I love my DS.
    Tina awww. Thank u :-) lmao @ the fact that your DS has been tossed aside and neglected.


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