Monday, January 12, 2009

Haters = the most pointless people on earth

I have never met a hater who had a point. And I mean a valid, squared off, based on fact, hard-hitting point. I just don't understand the concept of being envious of the next person for having something that you either are too lazy to work hard enough to get, or just weren't blessed with at birth.

I am not, have never been and will never be a hater. There are plenty of things I don't have and would damn near trade in a family member to get (joking), but when I see someone who has it (such as a woman with a toned stomach) I don't curse the day she was born and stare at her with a look of death and destruction. I may or may not smile at her, make a mental note of what I need to start doing in order to get in shape and go on about my business. Simple as that. Society today is filled with haters, and what's worse is that many of them are put on pedestals and getting paid to do so! Let's look at some of the most prominent...

50 Cent- Now i know Hip Hop is a grimy game and you have to throw some punches to survive but good God, enough is enough. When your entire career is based on destroying the careers of need to re-assess whether or not your career has much of a chance of surviving when someone younger and hotter steps on the scene and lays into you just as hard. And trust me, it will happen. HATER!

Wendy Williams- Ugggh. Okay i'm not hating on her, I just really can't stand her. I would be hatin on her if I said she looks like a Raiders line backer in drag, but i'm not sayin that so i'm not hatin. I just don't think there's anything worse than stepping in front of a camera or a mic and losing every ounce of class and common courtesy that God has given you. Ms. Williams is an attention whore in the worse way and will stoop lower than the dog sh*t on the sidewalk to grab a headline. She doesn't care if it means dissing someone's cancer-ridden wife or outting someones sexual orientation on the's all fair game to her. I just hope and pray her skin is as thick as her neck (ooops! Am i hating?), and that she can take what she dishes out cuz one day, someone is gonna serve it to her soooo bad. HATER X 2!

Rush Limbaugh- Sorry to offend any staunch conservative readers, but Rush is a hater. 93% of the stuff that comes out of his mouth makes absolutely no sense and is all said to ruffle feathers or blast someone solely because they share different political views than himself. He has no point. His talk show has no point. Whenever his mouth moves, you pretty much know he's wasting oxygen and spouting a bunch of BS. HATER & rude as hell

Don Imus- Don't even get me started on him. Anyone who can open up his mouth on a nationally syndicated talk show and call a group of young black women atheletes some nappy headed ho's... you know he's a hater and a hipocrite. You know Don dreams of black women in his sleep and is just bitter cuz none will give his crusty ass the time of day. HATER & ignorant!!

These are just a few haters who take up space serving no point at all. But hey, I guess you can't be mad at them alone seeing as how the public boosts their ratings by watching and soaking in all of their hate as if it's the next best thing to do since um...maybe reading a book. Whatever the curious case may be...Hating is not the thing go do. It's not intelligent, it's not proactive, and it's not cute. So stop it.


  1. I must admit that I am a hater. I hate on those who always swear they have hella haters. lol Most of the people I know who consistently say stuff like "these hoes are always hating on me", usually are just unlikable, ridiculous I hate on them with a passion lol

  2. Lmao @ Suga. Ok u get a hater pass. I cant stand that either. You're right, those who claim they have to beat haters off with sticks are lame, and liars.


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