Friday, January 9, 2009

Hell to the...

This teeny tiny word has lots of power. You have something someone wants really bad. They ask for it. You say NO. That's that. Someone asks you to marry them. You think about it for 3.5 seconds and then proceed to say NO. Game over. It's just a very loaded word, and I think I have become a little too dependent on it. Now, I dont wanna walk around like Jim Carrey, obliged to say yes to every single thing cuz i'll get my self in heaps of unwanted trouble. But I do tell myself and others NO a lot and i'd like to see the perspective of life from the YES side for awhile. Let me give you a few for instances here:

I've always been a very play-it-safe kinda girl. Things like bungee jumping, deep sea diving, rock climbing, parasailing, going off on safaris in far away places and most other things involving spontaneity and adventure...not too interested. Those things equal death to me and i'm not too keen on dying either. But it's not like that for everybody. People who can throw caution to the wind at times and just DO and say YES to random and unique experiences have this energy and air of satisfaction about them that i've become envious of. Playing it safe has kept me alive, and i've probably avoided many missteps that others have run blindly into, so i'm thankful for some of my hesitancies. But i'm gonna try my hardest to give it a shot and take a few more risks. I mean it couldn't hurt, right? At least I hope it doesn't.


  1. Never can hurt to much to take a few risks.. Never know.. You may look back one day to late and think "why the hell didn't I do that!? :)"

  2. Sabrae- Exactly. That's precisely what I don't wanna have to do. When i'm all old and can barely move, I don't want to regret not doing anything risky while I'm young and in semi-good shape. lol


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